Best Chainsaw Mill : Top Chainsaws 2020 & Buyer’s Guide

Alaskan mill or chainsaw mills are small sawmills operated by just a few workers. This type of chainsaws used to saw logs into lumber. Chainsaw mill is ideal tool for cutting lumber in very remote regions when it is not necessarily possible, or it is too expensive, to take a log to a sawmill. There are quite a few types of chainsaw mills. The most basic model is made up of a steel guide bracket mounted to a chainsaw bar that follows a straight edge. More elaborate chainsaw mills are made up of a track and frame system that has a chainsaw attached to it. Being able to mill lumber anywhere is very useful, so the following are some of the best chainsaw mills currently available, and are listed in no particular order.

Befor you go to our "Top 10 Chainsaw Mills List" for 2020 i must tell than the  best advantage of having a good chainsaw mill is helping you save a lot of cash from harvesting your lumber. If you’ve been used to buying lumber in the hardware store, you’ll know that it doesn’t come cheap – prices of lumber or wood keep rising every year.

Ok !, we created this top 10  best chainsaw mills to ensure that each person can benefit from our chainsaw mills list cause not every chainsaw mill doing great job. All of these mills are different, and they all have great qualities. Here are the top rated chainsaw mills available on the market today.

Favorate 6 Best Chainsaw Mills List

Chainsaw Mill NameDimensionsWeightFit Chainsaws with bar lengthMill slabs  
Granberg ChainSaw Mill G777

Editor's Choice
24 x 13 x 4 inches11.9 pounds20 inch or lessfrom 1/2in. To 13in.
Thick and 17in. Wide
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Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill30 x 13 x 13 inches18 pounds30 inch or lessfrom 1/2in. To 13in.
Thick and 27in. Wide
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Freelancer Chainsaw Mill “Solo”11 x 7.1 x 4.7 inches7.7 pounds14 to 36 inchfrom 1/2in. To 12in.
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GRANBERG Mini Mill G555B25.5 x 9 x 3.2 inches6.8 pounds16 to 32 inchfrom 1/2in. To 13in.
Thick and 17in. Wide
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MTN Gearsmith Chainsaw Mill25 x 13 x 6 inches13 pounds18 to 26 inchfrom 1/2in. To 12in.
Thick and 24in. Wide
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Haddon Lumber Maker8 x 3 x 8 inches3.75 pounds14 to 36 inchfrom 1/2in. To 12in.
Thick and 24in. Wide
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1. Best Lightweight Chainsaw Mill - Granberg ChainSaw Mill G777 Review

Best Chainsaw Mill Reviews

The G777 Chainsaw Mill model from Granberg is a very lightweight mill with a small design, making it very portable. This mill is an exceptionally high-quality chainsaw that can cut beams or lumber anywhere from a half-inch to thirteen inches thick and seventeen inches wide. The Granberg G777 can attach to a saw without the use of a drilling bar and is specially designed to suit chain saws with bars of twenty inches or less. This chainsaw mill, manufactured by Granberg International, comes with all the hardware necessary for assembly, and it has clear, precise instructions which are very useful for beginners.

This chainsaw mill is designed to be perfect for those that are just starting out, and it has many possible uses. The Granberg Chain-Saw Mill, model number G777 is highly recommended since it is the number one, best-selling chainsaw mill on Amazon and the overall quality of this chainsaw mill makes it the ideal choice for those that need a lightweight mill that can go just about anywhere.

The G777 Chainsaw Mill should only be used with saws that are a minimum of 50cc power. It is produced in the United States of America and is not eligible for international shipping from Amazon.

    • Lightweight
    • High quality + Usa made
    • Fairly priced
    • Many good reviews
    • The mill works quickly
    • Some assembly is required
    • A super powerful chainsaw is recommended for proper use
    • Guide rails are not included
    • Some people find this mill difficult to use
Verdict: The G777 Chainsaw Mill is The Best Lightweight & Compact Chain Saw Mill Model

The Granberg Chainsaw Mill, model number G777 is compact and lightweight. It is a log milling attachment used to cut lumber with a chainsaw with up to a twenty-inch bar. The minimum power chainsaw for this mill is 50cc, and slabbing brackets are recommended.

2. Best Mill for Large Lumber - Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill Review

Top 2019 Chainsaw Mill Review

When it come to the best heavy-duty chainsaw mill with large lumber we find Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with 30“ rails is the best.  The mill model number G776-30 is a larger mill -Their is deferent rails models for this chainsaw mill from 24, 36, 56 rails-that can be used wherever a tree falls or is cut down. This mill can be mounted to a chain bar very quickly and easily with only a few turns of a wrench. The Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill can cut all kind of trees such as oak, walnut and cedar into high-quality lumber. This mill can cut wood from a half-inch thick to thirteen inches thick and all the way up to twenty-seven inches wide.

Granberg International of Vallejo, CA makes the Alaskan Mark III portable chainsaw mill with attachments that allow the user to efficiently saw trees on site and produce dimensional lumber suitable for building or woodworking projects.

The G776-30 Chainsaw Mill model is designed and manufactured in the United States of America from quality steel and aluminum. This is a versatile, heavy-duty chainsaw mill for converting rough logs into quality lumber. Typically, a very powerful saw is necessary for this mill since it is for cutting very large lumber. The Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with 30“ rails, model number G776-30 is a solid mill that is easily assembled and easy to adjust for different sized cuts. This chainsaw mill is highly recommended because it is really heavy-duty.

    • Heavy-duty materials
    • Good for large lumber
    • Easily adjustable for different sized logs
    • Can be used on all kinds of trees
    • Can cut trees wherever they are
    • Many outstanding reviews
    • Some assembly is required
    • A powerful saw is necessary to use with this mill
Verdict: Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill – Best Heavy-Duty Mill for Large Lumber

  1. The Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with 30″ rails, model number G776-30 is very versatile and heavy-duty. This mill works with almost any size bar, and a ripping chain is recommended.

3. Best Chainsaw Mill Compatible With Many Saws - Freelancer “Solo” Review

Best  Chainsaw Mill Compatible Saws Reviews

During our chainsaw mill comparison we need one that's really compatible with many saws. We test many but we find that The  Freelancer Chainsaw Mill “Solo” is the best one.  The Freelancer Solo made of sturdy steel and is extremely durable. The “Solo” Chainsaw Mill is suitable for both masters and hobbyists. This chainsaw mill cuts logs into boards, avoiding a trip to the sawmill. Sometimes it is not possible to take a log to a sawmill or it is not worth the hassle for one log; therefore, the Freelancer Chainsaw Mill “Solo” can be a very useful tool.

The Freelencer Chain Saw “Solo” has a powder coating color on the outside along with its steel design. One of the best things about the Freelancer Chainsaw Mill “Solo” is that it is very versatile. This portable mill works great with all professional chainsaws with a power of at least 4kW. This chainsaw mill is very useful in many situations, so it is highly recommended.

    • Durable + Portable + Versatile
    • Works with many saws
    • Good for those who are experienced or those who are not
    • The saws used with this mill must be 4k W power
Verdict: The Freelancer Solo Is the Best Chainsaw Mill Compatible With Many Saws.

The Freelancer Chainsaw Mill “Solo” is the ideal mill since it is compatible with a lot of different saws. This mill works with almost all professional saws, so it is a good choice for experts and those that only work with wood occasionally.

4. Best Chainsaw Mill for Compact Milling - GRANBERG Mini Mill G555B Review

​During our chainsaw mills reviews we found that the GRANBERG Mini Mill Attachment G555B Model is the best attachement one. This small chainsaw attachment designed for milling logs, and it is made in California. This mini mill chainsaw g555b attachment model is gas powered and easy to use for quickly squaring off logs for milling. This mill fits bars that are anywhere between sixteen and thirty-two inches. It also comes with a twelve-foot V rail to be used as a cutting guide.The mini mill attachment is ideal for edging slabs or squaring up logs. Because of its small design, the mini mill is not great for large lumber; however, it is powerful for a small machine.

This particular mill attachment can work amazingly if the correct ripping saw chain is used. The GRANBERG Mini Mill Attachment, model number G555B is recommended for both professionals and amateurs.

    • Compact design
    • A cutting guide is included
    • Ideal for edging slabs
    • Great for both professionals and amateurs
    • Not big enough to be used for large lumber
    • Not easy for some people to use
Verdict: The G555B Model - Best Chainsaw Mill For Compact Milling

The GRANBERG Mini Mill Attachment - G555B Chainsaw Mill Model -comes equipped with a twelve-foot V rail as a cutting guide. This very small attachment is great for compact milling anywhere. A bar width of two and a half inches is necessary to clear the chain track since the bar clamps for this system are two-inches wide.

5. Best Chainsaw For Even Cuts - MTN Gearsmith Chainsaw Mill Review

Best Chainsaw Mills for even cuts

The MTN Gearsmith New Portable Chainsaw Mill Log Planking Lumber Cutting Chainsaw Guide Bar is ideal for builders, outdoor enthusiasts and woodworkers. This guide bar provides a flat surface for a mill to ride on in order to have flat, even cut results. The mill cuts slabs from a half-inch up to twelve inches thick and twenty-four inches wide. It delivers uniform cuts each and every time, plus the guide bar can be mounted to a chain bar easily with only a few turns of a wrench. This system is effortlessly portable and can be transported to wherever logs are, even in remote locations.

It is recommended to have a mill the same length as the chain and saw bar that they are using. Logs that are up to eighteen inches are suggested to be cut with a 45cc to 65cc power chainsaw. Logs that are between eighteen inches and twenty-six inches should be cut with a 65cc to 85cc power chainsaw. There is no necessary bar drilling with this system because the MK III clamps directly onto the chain bar. This versatile, heavy-duty chainsaw mill is an amazing, portable way to convert rough logs into beautiful lumber, so it is highly recommended.

    • Heavy-duty
    • Portable
    • Works for all size of logs
    • Cuts exceptionally flat and evenly
    • Very versatile
    • Different sized chain saws are recommended
Best Chainsaw Mill For  Getting Uniform Cuts

The MTN Gearsmith New Portable Chain Saw Mill Log Planking Lumber Cutting Chainsaw Guide Bar is the best mill for getting uniform cuts because it provides a flat surface. This is a heavy-duty mill that converts rough logs into lumber. The versatility of this mill and the fact that it requires no bar drilling are amazing advantages of the product.

6.Best Selling Chainsaw Mill  - Haddon Lumber Maker Review

Best selling Chainsaw Mill review

During our chainsaw mill reviews we test the best  selling one "The Haddon Lumber maker". We just  find it another awesome chainsaw mill if you’re looking to cut lumber like a pro. It is also a common favorite because of its flexibility to all various types of chainsaws that are available today.

In addition, it also works well with any length of bar and is easy to install within seconds. It is very lightweight (only 4 lbs) which makes it easy to slide along its path. Also, it is made with durable metal with powder coating to ensure a rust and corrosion free body.

    • Fast and effective for making any kind of cut
    • Conveniently priced despite being a quality tool
    • Easy installation and adjustment
      • Comes with a lifetime warranty and manufacturer offers full replacement if broken
      • Compatible with any kind of chain as well as any length of bar.
  • Poor illustrations in manual, may require a professional to provide actual demo.
  • Can require holding the tool in an unusual position
Verdict: The Haddon Lumber Maker– Best chainsaw mill for durbality

Despite the durability and flexibility of this chainsaw mill, it is conveniently priced, very portable and of course very effective in give you the cuts that you desire.

Chainsaw Mill - What Is It

A chainsaw mill is the conventional type of sawmill managed by two operators with each using a chainsaw to cut the log to the desired sizes and width. It comes with 2 rails which can be attached to the chainsaw bar that in turn cuts the log in specified thickness.

Chainsaw mills are a helpful device for loggers who are looking to cut a felled tree to desired planks or boards. This is a more convenient method to cutting lumber into equal parts since the logger can process the wood on site and without having to use other machines like cranes, dozers and others just to cut the log to the desired sizes.

Chainsaw mills are a logger’s best friend because it can process wood in just a day – starting from felling the tree to cutting down the lumber into planks or boards. With this it is advised to have your own chainsaw mill if you’re looking to do some heavy cutting work.

The main question however, is how can you find the best chainsaw mill that would suit your requirements? Also, what are the best chainsaw mill choices in the market today?

To answer that, we’ve compiled the considerations that you need to bear in mind when buying a saw mill. We’ve also researched the top chainsaw mill choices today that fit your requirements and your budget.

Chainsaw Mills - How to Choose The Best One

Chainsaw mills are the best helpful tools in harvesting your lumber right on the field. If you’re ready to own a good one, you may want to take a look at these few considerations first. These considerations can help guarantee that you’ll be making the most out of your money and you’ll be getting the best chainsaw mill that is right for your requirements.

  • Saw Kerf Size Adjustability
  • Weight
  • Cutting Capacity
  • Price

The first thing that you may want to consider  when you  buy a good  chainsaw mill is its Saw Kerf. The saw kerf shows how thick the cut will be made on the board or plank. 

This means the saw kerf will dictate how many slabs or planks you can make out of your lumber. When buying a chainsaw mill, you need to make sure it has a good selection of kerf sizes available depending on your needs.