Top 5 Best DDR4 RAM 2020- RGB, Fast & Cheap Memory PC

Best DDR4 RAM of 2020 to build speed PC? We try dozen of good ddr4 memory in our gaming laptop and listed this fastest 10 DDR4 RAM. Fast, RGB and affordable memory card.

Best DDR4 RAM 2020.

Your computer is slow do to their DDR4 memory and you dicide to speed it with good RAM? 

But wich DDR4 RAM to choose? Even the best PCs end up with moments of breathlessness over time and as applications and operating system become more demanding. The problem is more for PC gamers and other computers designed to perform heavy tasks.

If your computer starts to lose in reactivated age or in case you want to set up a brand new war machine, here is our selection of the Best DDR4 RAM for 2020.

When we speack about the Top DDR4 Ram for 2020, our best choice is still G.Skill’s TridentZ RGB. this ddr4 memory cards use high quality chips and have good performance.

Best DDR4 RAM for 2020.

You will find a quik review for each memory card we add it in this article. if you have no time to check every DDR4 RAM review than check our comparison table of the best 5 for 2020. but befor all this please check next how we test and choose this 5 DDR4 RAM's as the best .

If you can't get your best memory card than please learn our baying guide to know how you can find a good DDR4 RAM for your PC.

How we test DDR4 memory

To choose the best DDR4 RAM for 2020, We tested all these DDR4 RAM's and memory kits on defferent machines equipped with an Intel Core i9-7900X processor , Intel i7 6700 and i7 7807k, an Asus ROG Strix X299-E Gaming motherboard and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card. It's an incredibly powerful PC that could normally turn quadrichannel memory; the technical characteristics of this machine are such that RAM will always be the bottleneck of its performance, which is ideal to test it.

Assessments start with SiSoft Sandra, which passes on to each memory kit a lot of synthetic tests to evaluate its bandwidth, latency and cadence in a wide variety of scenarios.

After that, we use Cinebench and Geekbench, which offer a complete evaluation of the system for its single and multi-thread performance. We can thus determine the difference that these memory kits bring in these real scenarios. We also did tests with 3DMark and Ghost Recon: Wildlands to determine the best kits for the game.

Patriot Viper RGB DDR4 RAM 16GB

Fastest Gaming RAM.

16GB (2x 8GB)


16-18-18-36 (2T)

1.35 Volts

Corsair  RGB Pro DDR4 RAM 32GB

Top RGB Memory Card.

32GB (4x 8GB)


16-18-18-36 (2T)

1.35 Volts

G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-3000 32GB

Best  DDR4 RAM 2020.

32GB (2x 16GB)


15-15-15-36 (2T)

1.35 Volts

Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB

Perfect RAM for Intel i7 6700k - i7 8700k.

16GB (4x 4GB)


​15-17-17-35 (2T)

1.35 Volts

Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM 16GB

Affordable DDR4 RAM.

16GB (1x 16GB)


16-17-17-38 (2T)

1.2 Volts

    1. Patriot Viper RGB DDR4 RAM 16GB - Fastest Gaming Memory Card for 2020.

    Patriot's Viper memory cards are well knowingfor gaming. during our test and reviews of the Best Gaming DDR4 RAM for 2020 we test out the newest fast Patriot Viper RGB DDR4 series and believe us we have shocked about their performance speed especially for our PC's Gamers.

      Specifications Patriot Viper RGB RAM DDR4-3600

      • Product Code : PVR416G360C6K
      • Frequence : 1,750 MHz (DDR4-3600)
      • Kit size : 16 GB (2x 8 GB)
      • Timings : 16-18-18-36
      • Voltage :  1.35V
      • XMP 2.0
      • Chip manufacturers : Samsung
      • Building : Single Rank
      • Warranty Lifetime with restrictions

    Five Speed ​​Levels, Two Colors, Four Compatible Lighting Systems: With the new Viper RGB Family RAM, Patriot wants to make it right for all desktop PC users. But the Californians promise not only the smooth operation in terms of processor manufacturers and LED system, but also a high-quality workmanship and a beautiful look of the bars, which is not at the expense of performance. The test of the DDR4-3600 kit shows that all this is true.

    Reduced on the key data, the Viper RGB is an almost logical development. On the one hand, those who want to tease out a few more percentage points of their system with fast memory are addressed - and this faction has been since the launch of the Raven Ridge APUs (test) and the second Ryzen generation around the Ryzen 2700X ( Test) grown. On the other hand, however, sophisticated lighting concepts in PC cases are becoming increasingly popular. So there are two worlds together.

    The obviously existing target group one wants to serve with eight different RAM kits, which with two bars of 8 GB all have the same capacity. However, there are differences in terms of speeds and the Heatshield color. If the choice is white, you can choose between DDR4-2666, DDR4-3000 and DDR4-3200. On the other hand, if it is black, additional DDR4-3600 and DDR4-4133 are added -we used DDR4-3600 during our test-. In addition to the different clock rates, there are only differences depending on the kit in terms of timing. The only exception: The DDR4-4133 kit comes with two XMP 2.0 profiles (DDR4-4000 and DDR4-4133).

    In terms of hardware, all laced packages are identical. This is Samsung, all this housed on a single-rank (black) PCB, which consists of eight layers. The Heatshield, held in either matte black or matte white, covers almost the entire PCB and is designed to look like a Viper's head. In the case of the white model, this can be recognized with a bit of imagination, while the black contrast tones are not optimally selected.

    In the upper part of the aluminum and well-made Heatshields transparent plastic elements are incorporated through which the five RGB LEDs per bar to unfold their effect. Patriot has chosen a subdivision into five zones that vary in size and deliver the light not only up, but also on both sides. The LEDs can either be controlled using Patriot's own software - Patriot Viper RGB - or via the corresponding applications from ASUS (AURA), ASRock (Polychrome Sync), Gigabyte (RGB Fusion) and MSI (Mystic Light Sync). If the memory is used with a corresponding motherboard, the Patriot software should only be the second choice. Although it is clear and self-explanatory, the interaction with ASUS and Aura and Gigabyte RGB Fusion, which were considered in the test, was much better suited to the operation via the corresponding programs. Not only that there are more scenarios to choose from, the coordination with the mainboard LEDs is only possible in this way.

    The test of memory kit (PVR416G360C6K) with two 8GB batches is based on Samsung chips. According to Patriot, these are the coveted B-dies. That the usual tools say otherwise could have two reasons: The data is read out incorrectly or is not stored correctly. The XMP 2.0 profile provides 1,750 MHz (DDR4-3600) with timings of 16-18-18-36 and a voltage of 1.35V.

    ​Even with the Patriot Viper RGB shows that the gear to the absolute limit does not bring much. Because when operating at 1,850 MHz (DDR4-3700), the advantage compared to 1,800 (DDR4-3600) and 1,750 MHz (DDR4-3500) is very low due to the defused timing and higher number of errors. In addition, you pay for the minimal plus with an increase in voltages - up to and including DDR4-3600 is not necessary.

      • ​High quality memory card.
      • XMP timings at DDR4-3600
      • Overclocking capability
      • Excellent latency-tuning capacity
      • Compatible with motherboard RGB software
      • Patriot RGB software free for download
    • LED diffuser causes color merging/bleeding.
    Verdict: The Viper RGB DDR4-3600 Is our Top fastest memory card we test for 2020.

    Not just another good DDR4 memory kit we tested but this RGB DDR4-3600 RAM is the fastest one especially for gaming, Patriot’s Viper RGB DDR4-3600 kit provides great value to buyers who want both go (overclocking capability) and show (RGB LEDs).

    2. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4 RAM 32GB -Top RGB Memory Card

    We can't speack about the best DDR4 RAM for 2020 without talking about Corsair memory cards for both RGB or NON-RGB RAM's.

    Corsair is one of the leading brands in PC components and peripherals for both enthusiasts and gamers alike since 1994. The company has expanded from its DRAM roots, yet it still manages to impress with memory innovations.

    Best RGB DDR4 RAM.

      Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4 3200 MHz Specifications.

      • Product Code :CMR32GX4M4C3200C16W
      • Frequency : (DDR4-3200)
      • Kit size : 32 GB (4x 8 GB)
      • Timings : 16-18-18-36 (2T)
      • Voltage 1.35V
      • XMP 2.0
      • Warranty Lifetime with restrictions

    For those who know the brand will say that there is already a Vengeance RGB RAM model at Corsair, and they will be right. What difference, then? Well the Pro model that we have in our hands is not made for professionals as the name suggests. It is an evolution with no less than 10 addressable LEDs giving a better rendering and above all much more customizable.

    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro memories are compatible with the iCUE software which groups all the devices of the manufacturers. The software is there to drive the RGB mainly but a temperature sensor is also present on each module, so it is possible to view this here. iCUE is available for download here.

    The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro memory cards are available in 16GB (2 × 8GB), 32GB (4 × 8GB) or 64GB (8 × 8GB) kits, On the frequency side, you have a wide choice between 2666 MHz and up to 4700 MHz, but high frequencies are not available for all capacities. So for 64 GB, we will be satisfied with maximum 3600 MHz, which is already not bad.

    The DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 4 X 8 GB 3200 MHz DDR4 kit is of course made to work in "Dual Channel", either on chipsets Intel or AMD of course. The heatsinks are black with red or white LEDs depending on the model.

    Compatibility requires the arrays have a base rate (or SPD) of 2133 MHz for latencies of 15-15-15-36 at a voltage of 1.2V, which should ensure full compatibility with all motherboards. In order to arrive at the rates for which the kit was tested the X.M.P profile. 2.0 is present, providing a frequency of 3200 MHz for latencies of 16-18-18-36 at a voltage of 1.35V. Note that all memory modules exceeding 2133 MHz are considered overclocked, since the memory controllers integrated with Intel processors operate at this frequency. The technical characteristics are identical to the different kits of this frequency that I tested at Corsair in the past, the performance should therefore be identical. The manufacturer focuses on the RGB of course to give your configuration the Christmas tree effect as bright as possible for those who love.

    The overclocking was rather easy to achieve, with an increase in frequency from 3200 MHz base to 3600 MHz with the same voltage of 1.35V and releasing some timing to 17-19-19-38. An increase of 4000 MHz is rather good to take, even if in practice it should not really change the situation, to see right away!

    • finishes
    • Choice of colors in black or white
    • Ten addressable RGB LEDs
    • Well-designed iCUE software
    • Compatible RGB Fusion and Mystic Lighting (Aura end 2018)
    • 10 years warranty
    • Attention to the height of the radiators
    Verdict: The Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4 memories cards are our Top hight-end DDR4 RAM's for 2020.

    No less than 10 customizable LEDs, excellent performance, manufacturing quality of a high-end DDR4 RAM and performance at the height. Proposed at a price of about 345 $ the kit Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 4 x 8 GB DDR4 3200 MHz is certainly more expensive than a memory card kit without LEDs but if you are looking for a powerful kit with a whole range of customization of the RGB then you will not be disappointed, for those who just want a performance / price ratio other kits are available in our Best DDR4 Ram list.

    3. G.SKILL TRIDENT Z 32 GB Memory Card -  Top height-end DDR4 RAM

    Do you need to buid fast Pc with more than 16GB of DDR4 and have only two channels to fill? G.SKILL TRIDENT Z is your best DDR4 RAM as you can get a 32GB ( 2× 16GB).

      Specifications G.SKILL TRIDENT Z DDR4 RAM 

      • Product Code : F4-3000C15D-32GTZ
      • Frequency : (DDR4-3200)
      • Kit size : 32GB ( 2× 16GB)
      • Timings : 15-15-15-36
      • Voltage 1.35V
      • XMP 2.0
      • Warranty Lifetime with restrictions

    The exact reference for our tested DDR4 RAM is F4-3000C15D-32GTZ, 3000 MHz in CL15 15-15-15-36 2T.The applied voltage is standard with 1.35V. This kit is Intel XMP 2.0 compatible and is 44mm high. The kit is guaranteed for life by G.Skill

    Each 2x 16GB DDR4-3000 kit is programmed with moderately-tight CAS 15 timings at 1.35. Other settings are based on the JEDEC-standardized DDR4-2133 default. For most motherboards, switching to the higher "rated" setting requires one to enter the firmware UEFI and select the XMP profile.

    A data rate of DDR4-3808 appears to be the limit of this CPUs memory controller, at least in concert with this motherboard and firmware (which was selected for its DRAM overclocking capability) and a measured 1.35V DIMM slot. That measured output comes at the board's 1.33V setting. Most "enthusiast" motherboards incorporate a +20mV to +30mV memory bias, and there's a fair possibility that highest data-rate modules require these "cheats" just to reach rated settings.

    Motherboard and/or CPU limitations are the easiest explanation for how Patriot's 16GB DDR4-3400 reached the same 3808 MHz maximum data rate as G.Skill's low-density DDR4-4000. Higher density usually reduces a memory IC's maximum frequency.

    • High quality memory card.
    • Very high overclocking potential.
    • Moderate Per-GB Price
    • 1.73" height may interfere with some oversized CPU coolers


    Featuring 32GB on two 16GB DIMMs, G.Skill's F4-3000C15D-32GTZ offers the ultimate capacity for motherboards that can't accept four modules. The G.SKILL TRIDENT Z 32 GB Memory Card is our Top 2020 DDR4 Ram especially for gaming

    4. Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB DRAM - Best DDR4 RAM for Intel Skylake

    Overtime, we test our DDR4 RAM's in Intel processor but we can't find a good DDR4 memory card for Intel Skylacke best than the Corsair Dominator Platinum especially for 16 GB and 3000MHz test.

      Specifications Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4-3600

      • Product Code : CMD16GX4M4B3000C15
      • Frequency : (DDR4-3000)
      • Kit size : 16GB ( 4× 4GB)
      • Timings : CL 15-17-17-35
      • Voltage 1.35V
      • XMP 2.0
      • Warranty Lifetime with restrictions

    Corsair's flagship DDR4 RAM has always been the Dominator memories cards line. The Dominator Platinum modules, well-known for their special optics and overclocking potential, must not be missing for the DDR4 standard. We have sent a potent 16GB ( 4× 4GB) kit with 3000MHz base clock and CL 15 in the test course.

    With the Dominator Platinum memory modules, Corsair also expands its DDR4 memory cards family with a diverse range. This DDR4 RAM is especially aimed at demanding users and promises a joyful overclocking potential. To meet the high demands, the manufacturer relies on the patented Dual-Path DHX cooling technology, which is designed to perform reliably even in demanding environments. In order to tickle the maximum performance out of the modules, the integrated XMP 2.0 support ensures adequate, automatic and trouble-free overclocking. Corsair's own monitoring tool called the Corsair Link System also serves as a temperature monitor. In the manufacturer's portfolio are a total of 63 different versions of Platinum bars with clock rates from 2133 to 4000 Mhz and total capacity of 8 GB to 128 GB.

    The present CMD16GX4M4B3000C15 kit comes with a speed of 3000Mhz at latencies of CL 15-17-17-35 and a voltage of 1.35 volts therefore.The four memory modules ( 4× 4GB) each have a capacity of four gigabytes and can be operated in quad or dual-channel. The memory interface has been programmed very cleanly and contains various JEDEC presettings via the XMP 2.0 standard, which our test system was able to correctly recognize and load without problems.

    ​With the Dominator Platinum DDR4 Corsair was again able to prove why this product line is preferred by overclockers and enthusiasts. For the CMD16GX4M4B3000C15 kit speak the very good overclocking results, the high quality workmanship and massive and functional Heatspreader. As a plus point is also the noble-looking design to call, which provides by the chic Light Pipe respectively the indirect lighting for an attractive look in the PC. The compatibility with Corsair's link technology and the associated monitoring options also offers a unique selling proposition among all stores. Especially the extremely good OC potential was able to inspire us. Thanks to the powerful Skylake processor i7 6700K, we were able to use the memory chips well with our ASUS Maximus VIII motherboard and thus achieved an overclocking result of 3806 MHz at a human 1.35 V.

    • Very high overclocking potential
    • Very good workmanship and product quality
    • Noble lookvery
    • Good performance
    • Height can cause problems.

    5. Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM 16GB – The Most Affordable DDR4 Memory.

    During our search for the best affordable DDR4 RAM in 2020 we can't find a good one than Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 memory card. Kingston has developed a series of well-known products. Although player-centric HyperX is a relatively new brand, in the course of our testing, they almost all meet strict quality standards, and the new DDR4 memory with lifetime warranty is no exception.

    Best Affordable DDR4 RAM

      Specifications Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM

      • Product Code  : HX421C14FB/16
      • Frequency : (DDR4-2133)
      • Kit size : 16GB (1 x 16GB)
      • Voltage 1.2V
      • XMP 2.0
      • Warranty Lifetime with restrictions

    Not just a cheap DDR4 RAM kit but the HyperX Fury 16GB has a very high price/performance ratio. This particular memory has the lowest DDR4 speed of 2133MHz, but testing time and again has proven that for computer games, faster RAM will hardly bring any improvement.

    For those who want to take full advantage of the HyperX Fury feature, some simple overclocking will push its performance to match higher-end memory.

    One good thing about DDR4 is that it usually operates at a voltage of 1.2V (1.5V below DDR3). This means that even the slightest voltage increase can bring more power, but it is still lower than DDR3.

    In order to achieve overclocking, we made some minor adjustments to the motherboard BIOS to easily upgrade the 2133MHz HyperX Fury to 2666, 2800 and 3000MHz.

    All overclocking tests have shown that HyperX Fury is very flexible because it is very stable at every frequency level. For a conservative overclocking setting, the 3200MHz speed can also be easily achieved.

    When you see the 3200MHz 16GB cost double that of the HyperX Fury 2133MHz, you can see that this memory is an obvious value winner. If you are running a DDR3 system with sufficient memory capacity and speed, DDR4 will be meaningless unless you plan to refurbish the entire PC.

    But with the advent of the Kaby Lake processor, it may be the best time to replace the Z170 motherboard with the Skylake processor.

    • High cost performance
    • Low-key and stylish design
    • It’s easy to overclock
    • No colors options.

    DDR4 memory purchase guide:

    • DDR4 RAM - What's the point?
    • What do you need ?
    • What is this strange latency score?
    • Consider your computer

    Latency is an essential feature of RAM, but its rationale is rather mysterious when compared to other more obvious attributes such as speed and capacity. The latency indicator is the time it takes the processor to send an order and the memory to respond to it.

    The memory kits indicate three or four latency indicators that will appear on the manufacturer's or reseller's website as "15-17-17-35". These represent different types of operations that the memory will have to perform: the first number is the main CAS latency indicator, which corresponds to when the processor requests information and the memory provides them. Other numbers represent tasks such as switching to other lines of information or the time required for memory to activate and start working.

    These numbers can be multiplied by the clock cycle speed of the RAM to obtain a result in nanoseconds, which corresponds to the time required for the tasks to be completed. DDR4 memory typically has clock cycles between 12.5ns and 15ns, so these are extremely small margins - tiny differences that will not produce any noticeable change for most machines. That said, in general, the lower the number, the better.