Best Gaming Headset 2020- PCs, Xbox One and PS4 Top Headsets

Top 2020 Gaming Headset. We test and review many good gaming headsets available for PCs, Xbox One and PS4, including wireless options, to help you find the best gaming headset with many budget ranges.

Best Gaming Headset in 2020

We test and review many good gaming headsets available for PCs, Xbox One and PS4, including wireless options, to help you find the 2020 Best Gaming Headset with many budget ranges.

The audio part is an essential component when playing video games. By choosing a quality gaming headset, you fully immerse yourself in your game and enjoy it. What could be more satisfying than hearing your opponents arrive behind you and return in time to win? The very best gaming headset allow you to hear perfectly and with great detail all that is happening around you. The best products, many of which are listed below, give you a huge advantage whether it’s for FPS games, MMOs or MOBAs. They allow you to hear, but also to be heard with high-performance microphones able to capture only your voice.

Logitech G231


For occasional players or those on a limited budget, the Logitech G231 Prodigy can do wonders. Regularly available under $ 50  mark, it presents a good comfort and sound performances more than correct.
HyperX Cloud II, Best Quality / Price gaming headset
HyperX Cloud II


The HyperX Cloud II is probably one of the best-selling gaming headsets, and it’s not really a surprise. For less than a hundred euros, it offers a quality / price ratio much higher than many competitors.
Razer ManO’War


Looking for a big, solid and comfortable gaming headset? Razer’s ManO’War may be for you! Big advantage, it can play wirelessly on both its PC and PS4, without feeling the slightest latency.

Best Gaming Headset - Buyer's Guide

​Whether you’re a PC gaming enthusiast or a fan of the latest generation of consoles (PS4, Xbox One or Wii U), turning to a gaming headset provides many benefits in practice. In addition to being able to enjoy a sound quality often much more complete and accurate than those of the speakers of your TV, the headsets also have the advantage of being able to isolate you from the outside world. It becomes possible to play without being disturbed, but especially without disturbing anyone. In short, if you are used to playing at night when the whole family is gone to bed, difficult to miss!

Another big advantage is the communication part. With a growing share of games offering multi-player modes, it has become essential to be able to communicate with other players to enjoy a complete experience. By choosing a quality gaming headset, you have an effective way to make yourself heard, with in most cases a clear and intelligible voice without straining.


When you compare the many gaming headsets offered by different manufacturers, some points are crucial and allow to choose the right product. Here are some examples.

The audio quality

The Mic

Comfort and ergonomics



​Best Gaming Headsets - Selection 2020.

​Now that you are aware of the advantages offered by a good gaming headset for Pc's and  Xbox One games but also the different points to take into account when making your choice, place our selection of the best gaming headset models for the money.

​Gaming headsets market has clearly exploded in recent years, there are hundreds of references and it is not always easy to navigate as the ranges are now very much provided. To facilitate your research, you will find below the best gaming headset segmented according to the different price ranges (Under $50 , under $100, between $100 to under $200 and the top headset ) but also according to the functionalities (including wireless gaming headsets and gaming earbuds). All these products are validated by our experts, and widely appreciated by users who have already crossed the mark. You can go there with your eyes closed.

Good PC, PS4 & XBOX ONE Gaming Headset Under $50

Not one headset but you will find below a list of 4  best gaming headset Under $ 50 offering an unbeatable quality / price ratio at the entry level.  these headsets are compatible with most platforms and allow you to enjoy your games with comfort and correct performance. Of course, you do not need to expect exceptional sound quality or a myriad of features, but for the price the mission is fulfilled.

Best Cheap Gaming Headset.

1. STEELSERIES SIBERIA 150 – Effective Under $50 Gaming Headset

The price under $50 make the Siberia 150 gaming headset our best for the money especially for Pc's gamers.

With the renewal of its Siberia range, SteelSeries intends to win again in the gaming headset sector. The Siberia 150 is the perfect example, offering both comfort and functionality in a price that remains quite affordable. Its very sober design can be illuminated with the color of your choice, since a software that will also adjust its audio configurations. The headset also offers virtual 7.1 surround sound via DTS Headphone X, and a particularly unobtrusive but effective microphone.

2. LOGITECH G231 Headset – Best for Play4 Gaming

Evolution timid Logitech G230, the new G231 gming headset remains one of the best under $50 for PS4 headsets deals if you are looking for an entry-level product. Relatively simple, it comes in the form of a stereo headset providing comfort and a relatively homogeneous sound. Its pads are removable and washable, and have a sportswear coating to limit perspiration. If the construction is obviously not as elaborate as on some models, the set holds perfectly the road. Only downside, a microphone not always very effective.

3. ROCCAT RENGA Gaming Headset – Comfort For Tablet/ Pc’s

Among our selection of the cheap gaming headsets, the Roccat Renga is without hesitation the most comfortable. With its hanging arch system, it offers a perfect distribution of weight on the head and is quickly forgotten once on the ears. It also has large headphones with semi-open design, offering a beautiful immersion during gaming. The microphone is also quality, as well as the connection to use the Renga on all recent platforms. For $49, difficult to find a better quality / price ratio currently!

4. TURTLE BEACH RECON 50 – Best Cheap Gaming Headset For Xbox One

For a good XBOX One gaming geadsets priced under $50 we can't find a better headset than the  Turtle Beach recon 50.

the Recon 50 is a multi platform gaming headset for Pc's, Xbox One, Ps4 ,Ps4 Pro and Mac. Recon 50 offering again a good sound quality for a particularly affordable price. Its micro-neck has a windscreen and offers a clear and precise capture of the voice. Obviously, at this price we should not expect miracles in terms of construction and the whole appears relatively fragile.


It is clearly in this price range (under $100) that we find today the bulk of good gaming headsets market for PC gamers, PS4 and Xbox one. Without necessarily exploding your budget, it is possible to find around $100 micro-headset both very powerful and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your games for long hours. To facilitate your choice, you will find below the 5 best gaming headset under $100 to which you can turn your eyes closed and ears wide open.

Best Gaming Headset Under 100.

1. HYPERX CLOUD II Gaming Headset – Top Multi-Platform Headphone

If you only had to choose one good gaming headset under $100 for multi-platform than this is the perfect one for you.

Gentle evolution of the first HyperX Cloud, this second generation offers manufacturing quality and finishes as neat. In use, the compatible PC, PS4 and Xbox one gaming headphones are always comfortable, can be worn long hours without the slightest discomfort. It now has a 7.1 virtualization promoting even more in-game immersion, and a sound rendition overall very correct. The microphone is fully removable and also works limpidly. Really a great gaming headset, in a price always very affordable.

2. RAZER KRAKEN PRO – Effective Under $100 Gaming Headset

How to present a selection of the best gaming headsets for under 100 dollars list without going through the box Razer. With its Kraken Pro, the brand was able to win over the heads of many players with a well-established design and correct performance highlighting particularly explosions and other effects turned to the bottom of the spectrum. FPS enthusiasts should appreciate the sound reproduction, but also the comfort provided by its very large padded earbuds more than generous. The microphone offers sufficient performance to easily be heard in full.

3. PLANTRONICS RIG 500E – Top Budget for Pc’s Games

Our best headset budget, The Plantronics RIG 500E is a clearly atypical gaming headset model , since the majority of its parts can be dismantled and replaced. An asset that clearly makes sense when you know how players mistreat their headset! For this 500E version, the headset also has two pairs of headsets, but also an effective virtual surround sound. Light and comfortable, it’s a pleasure to play alongside him for long sessions. The sound reproduction is accurate, and the microphone works perfectly in all situations. A very good surprise!

4. STEELSERIES SIBERIA 350 – Lightwight Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Big brother Siberia 150 presented a little higher, the Siberia 350 is actually the famous Siberia V3 slightly updated. A gaming headset that is needed for many years as one of the most comfortable in the market. Lightweight, it fits most morphologies and also has a customizable lighting for lovers of sound and light shows. Compared to previous versions, the sound is slightly improved, and the headset keeps its retractable microphone inside the left atrium. A safe bet

5. TURTLE BEACH PX24 – Reference of Gaming Headsets

Not just another under $10 gaming headset. The PX22 is the reference for any good headset used for most gaming platforms.

After the huge success of the PX22, Turtle Beach returns to the front of the stage with its new PX24. A gaming headset compatible with most platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One, smartphones and tablets) which takes the outline of its predecessor. On the program, there are some new features such as Superhuman hearing feature that allows in practice to be a little more on the lookout for footsteps and other reloading of your opponents. In this range, it is probably one of the headset offering the most features.


Between 100 to under $200, several gaming headset stand out from the crowd and meet the expectations of the most demanding gamers. At this price, there are gaming headsets offering sound performance one step higher than those models presented above, but also excellent comfort. If you have the right budget, the 3 products listed below are validated by our experts but also by our colleagues and many users.

Best Gaming Headset Under $200.

1. ASTRO A40TR Gaming Headset – Top Under 200 Dollars

​Not just our top under $200 headset but The Astro A40TR is a gaming headset designed to be used by both professional and amateur gamers. It has a particularly well-designed design allowing it to transform into an open or closed helmet depending on the earplugs used. Side look, it’s a real success, with a decidedly gaming style. The finishes are very clean, as the sound quality offers both clarity and detail. Thought basic for use on PC, it can also connect to PS4 or Xbox One without the slightest worry. Note that a version with MixAmp is also available, greatly improving the communication options between players.

2. STEELSERIES SIBERIA 650 – A Colorful Haute Gaming Headset

At each price range we fount good SteelSeries gaming headset model, and it is the Siberia 650 that we have selected under $200. With its huge ear cups and pads with padding more than generous, this gaming headset is primarily intended for PC use since it has a powerful software to manage its lighting and especially its sound options. Once properly configured, it offers superb audio quality and immersion at the top during games. Too bad it is not possible to enjoy these changes on consoles.

3. HYPERX CLOUD REVOLVER – Top for Pc’s & Consoles

​The latest addition to HyperX, the Revolver gaming headset offers a completely different design from the Cloud and Cloud II models. Even more comfortable than its little brother thanks to its hanging hoop, we also appreciate its manufacturing quality revised upward. Solid and lightweight despite its rather massive look, we like its clear and precise sound reproduction even if the bass lack a bit of bite. Compatible PC and consoles, its microphone remains removable and keeps its efficiency. Too bad that unlike its competitors it does not have a dedicated application to manage its sound settings.

Best Gaming Headset For PC, PS4 ET XBOX Without Limit Of Budget

All headsets models presented below are the best gaming headsets ever because it designed for players not necessarily looking at the expense, but also for professionals seeking to equip themselves in the best way. This is particularly the case with the Turtle Beach Elite Pro, which will perfectly fit the expectations of e-Sport players. You will also find the one and only open helmet of our selection, for the most picky players in terms of sound reproduction and immersion. Be careful though, it stings price level!

Best Gaming Headsets for 2019

1. TURTLE BEACH ELITE PRO – Designed for eSport

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro is positioned as the most successful gaming headset of the brand. Designed with and for professional players, it differs from the competition by an atypical construction especially concerning its hoop whose tension is adjustable. Particularly comfortable, it also adapts to players yet glasses thanks to a system of ingenious pads. Sound side, it’s all good, especially when accompanied by its case T.A.C. to enjoy a 7.1 virtual sound but also to manage several modes of EQs and many options at the level of the communication. It will be worth the price, but the quality is clearly the best.

2. AUDIO-TECHNICA ATH-ADG1X – An open gaming headset for total immersion

The ATH-ADG1X is the only fully open gaming headset of our best 3 selection. A choice rarely offered on the PC, PS4 and Xbox headsets simply because it limits the use to a quiet environment. Indeed, the open design lets in the outside noises, but offers the use unmatched sound and excellent immersion. In addition to its very good audio rendering, the ATH-ADG1X shines with a very good comfort especially obtained via its system of arch 3D-Wing and its large circular auricles. The headset is compatible with most platforms and has an effective microphone. We just regret features a little limited for the price

3. SENNHEISER PC373D – Best 2020 Gaming Headset

The Sennheiser PC373D is the top gaming headset model of the famous German audio manufacturer. Recently announced, it offers Dolby Surround 7.1 sound with an open design. Coming in some ways replace the model GAME ONE, it takes its design both sober and above all very comfortable. Pads velvet, solid plastics, everything goes. Designed to accompany you for long hours of gaming, the headset is offered with software to choose its EQs, activate the noise reduction of the microphone or the level of monitoring.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset

Impossible to make a selection of the best gaming headset without going through the wireless headsets models. Offering excellent comfort with the use and a great freedom of movement, they are democratized since a few years with the evolution of the technologies wireless. From $50 to $300, we find today models accessible to all budgets, offering more or less features. In any case, once you taste the joys of gaming wireless headset, difficult to backtrack. Most models are compatible on PC as well as on consoles.

1. PLAYSTATION GOLD WIRELESS – Affordable Gaming Headset

It's not easy to find an affordable wireless gaming headset with good options. 

​Sometimes we spend hours looking for a solution when she finally finds herself in front of her nose! The PlayStation Gold Wireless is the perfect wireless gaming headset example, as it is one of the official models of the latest Sony console. With a simple but effective design, it can enjoy its favorite titles like Uncharted 4, Bloodborn and other FIFA without the slightest cable. Its other strong point is obviously its price since the Gold Wireless is offered around $100, positioning it as one of the most affordable wireless headset on the market. A great feat on the part of the Japanese manufacturer!

2. RAZER MANO’WAR – Best wireless For The Money

A direct competitor to the G933, the Razer ManO’War wireless gaming headset is also one of the good surprises . It has been a while since we expected a good wireless gaming headset on the side of Razer, and this model seems to meet most of the expectations of players. If we regret a completely plastic construction for its price, we appreciate its comfort thanks to its large arch and its huge padded ear cushions. The wireless connection is done in seconds via a USB dongle, and has a low latency for viewing movies and series without lag. The headset also features virtual 7.1 surround sound, enhancing immersion in certain situations. The sound performance is overall very correct, especially for the game.

3. LOGITECH G933 – Top Wireless headset For 2020

Top of the range wireless gaming headset at Logitech, the G933 Artemis Spectrum is a success in every way! Functioning without any wire, this gaming headset presents a decidedly gaming-oriented design with a massive chassis but nevertheless very comfortable. With many shortcuts on its headsets, the use is intuitive and the connection is made in seconds on all platforms. On the sound side, the Logitech G933 has great audio quality, with lots of detail and deep bass. The microphone can easily fold upwards to disappear, and offers the use a capture more than correct. A very good product!

4. ASTRO A50 – The all-round champion

Like the A40 gaming headset, the Astro A50 Wireless Headset is distinguished by a quality of construction approaching perfection. The finishes are excellent, and the comfort again on the appointment on this version running entirely wireless gaming headset on both PC and PS4. The large memory pads are clearly for something, as is the unique adjustment system. In terms of sound performance, this is still good with a high-end virtual 7.1 surround sound, offering excellent immersion on all your favorite games. The microphone is also excellent and allows easy communication with teammates and opponents.

Best Gaming Earbuds

Who said that you had to put a gaming headphone on your ears to enjoy your games without disturbing anyone? Manufacturers now offer earbuds specifically designed for players, obviously having a microphone to communicate with your teammates and opponents. Much more compact than headsets, they slip easily into a pocket and are therefore also intended for home use on the move portable consoles for example (with the Nintendo Switch happens is a real plus!).

1. RAZER HAMMERHEAD PRO V2 – Versatile gamer intras

Razer is present on all fronts in the world of gaming devices and it is not a surprise to find the Hammerhead Pro V2 earbud among our selection. Compatible with all platforms but also smartphones and tablets, it is a versatile pair offering the correct performance and comfort easily adjustable thanks to the different tips available. With a rather downward-looking sound, it allows you to enjoy beautiful explosions during the game. A remote control can manage the volume or navigate between tracks when listening to music, and an on-board microphone can be used to communicate in-game or from his phone.

2. MAD CATZ ES PRO 1 – Unique Gaming Earbud

If we know Mad Catz especially for its famous RAT gaming mouse, the brand also offers a range dedicated to audio. The ES Pro 1 earbuds typed us because they offer a unique design by integrating a true micro neck of cygle. A difference in size compared to other gaming headphones, to significantly improve voice capture during games on PC or consoles. This one removable state, it is also possible to turn the headphones into a more classic model for nomadic use. The sound is correct, with deep bass, and the maintenance perfectly realized.