Best Hunting Backpack – 2020 Reviews

Best Hunting Backpack: reviews and buyer guid of hunting packs with or without bow, rifle holder- 2020 best hunter gear and hunting backpack

With many good hunting tools, equipment and gear, choosing the best hunting backpack becoming the most important thing. Backpack isn’t necessary to go hunting itself but packs make the trip easy. If you store all your gear in one convenient place the result will be “Successful Hunting Trip”.

Choosing the best hunting backpack is not easy cause packs can be found in various designe, size, price range and especially if you need hunting backpack with rifle hold or not. For this we write this Best Hunting Backpacks Review to help you find a good hunting pack that arrange your pocket.

Best Hunting Backpack In 2020- Top Packs for Hunters

Best Hunting Backpack & Daypack Comparison Table

If you would like to see a quick comparison of each packs from our Best Hunting Backpack, the table below is for you to compare the specifications according to your needs.
ProductWeightBow & crossbow packetStrap & Front Lashing SystemStorage SpaceBest Price
Buck Commander Black Gorge4lbsyesHawkTex padded shoulder straps3,515 cu. in
ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

Editor Choise
4lbs.yesWebbing loops 2700 cubic inches
Remington Twin Mesa Daypack

Best Cheap Hunting Pack
2lbsyesDensly padded hip belt and shoulder straps1,853 cubic inch
ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

Best Hunting BackPack with Rifle Hold
2lbs /Total 7 lbsYesWebbing loops 5250 cu. in
Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack

Best Camo Hunting Pack
5lbsyesWebbing loops5250 cu. in
Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack

Best For Deer Hunting
4lbsyes1,830 cu. in
Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack

Best Elk Hunting Backpack
6lbsyes3100 cu. in
Allen Company 19099 Pagosa Daypack, Realtree

Best Hunting Daypack under $100
2lbsyesAdjustable padded shoulder straps, sternum strap, and waist belt 1800 cu. in

Hunting Backpack Types

Befor we go to compare and review all our best hunting backpacks we must speack about deferent type of hunting packs

Even though hunting backpacks can be divided into several categories, there are only two you need to concentrate on when you are looking for something to carry your hunting gear. Single day packs are smaller in design, and easier to carry. Most come with 3,000 cubic inches of interior space so you can store enough gear for one day. This typically includes a change of clothing, along with extra ammo, scopes, trail cameras and small hunting tools.

If you are going to be gone overnight or longer you will probably want a larger hunting backpack. Multi-day packs typically have 4,500 cu. in. of storage space, though some can measure up to 7,000 cu. In. These larger packs can be awkward and heavy to carry, so it is also important to consider the distance and terrain before choosing a hunting backpack.

There are also backpacks designed for hunting whitetail deer or elk and you want them to be large enough to carry enough gear for one day, while still being light enough to easily carry up to a tree stand. These hunting backpacks also come with a convenient strap so you can hang it from a nearby branch. This keeps the pack close by and off the wet ground.

Top 10 Hunting BackPacks Reviews

1. Buck Commander Black Gorge Hunting Backpack.

If you search a good durable hunting backpacks than Back Commander is your best pack choice cause it's designed to survive almost any hunting trip. This special backpack sturdy construction is resistant to wear and tear and the internal frame provides plenty of stability, even when the pack is full. You also have 3,515 cubic inches of storage space, so you can easily carry enough gear for an overnight hunting trip.

What really makes this hunting backpack stand out is its versatility. There are several support and compression straps that are designed to hold heavier gear securely in place, including prize antlers or game that was dressed in the field. It also comes with a belt that is designed to hold the pack securely in place, and it can be easily removed and used by itself. The internal compartment is divided so you can keep gear separate, and it can also be expanded to hold larger items.

You will also appreciate all of the internal and external pockets, along with the bungee style retention strap that is designed to hold extra clothes in place. This backpack is designed to help you stay organized in the field so you can concentrate on tracking your prey, and comes with all of the storage space you need for an extended hunting trip.

2. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Packs

The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Bow Hunting BackPack is, as the title says, made primarily for bow hunters but this hunting pack can hold a rifle equally well. While moderately priced, the Pursuit pack is made of high quality materials, similar to, if not in some cases better than, significantly higher-priced backpacks from other brands.

The Pursuit Pack has 2700 cubic inches and weighs 4 pounds and 1 ounce which makes it perfect for a field daypack.

The main feature of this hunting backpack is the bow pocket which pulls down from the bottom of the pack, and stows away when not in use. The pocket design supports a wide variety of bows and rifles. To anchor the bow in place, tuck its corner into the pocket, secure the strap, then buckle the lashes up the backpack around the bow and tighten them. Similarly, the butt of a rifle will fit precisely in the carrying pocket then loop one of the upper lashes around the barrel for a tighter fit.

Best Hunting BackPack

This hunting backpack also supports the hind quarter of a medium sized antelope or deer. Tighten the leg with the securing straps to hold it close to the pack, and off you go. The pocket wasn’t designed for that use, but it’s actually practical since it helps to get the game out of the field.

One neat feature of the Pursuit bow backpack that was introduced in the new model is the shelf style opening of the front pocket. The adjustable straps inside the pocket allow it to flip open to 90°, and inside there are numerous pouches to keep things organized. This shelf system is particularly useful in combination with the D ring at the top of the pack. You can hang the D ring onto a nail or branch, for instance when you spend time in a tree stand. With the backpack hung that way, and the shelf pocket open, you can have most of your tools organized and handy.

On either side there are Velcro straps for mounting your quiver. You can mount it on the left or right, whatever feels handy to you. Also on the sides there are mesh water bottle pockets, and the hip belt has zipper pockets that are a great place to store a Windicator, shells, a GPS or a cellphone.

The waist belt and shoulder harness have lots of padding with good airflow, and great adjustability which will fit nearly anyone. The load lifter straps on the shoulders are an added benefit when you’re hauling that game.

At the very bottom of this hunting backpack there is a slip pocket that contains an orange fluorescent cover for those rainy days, or makes the pack much easier to find if you decided to leave it somewhere for the final stop.

​The ALPS Outdoorz Pursuit Bow Hunting Pack is a trusty backpack that is guaranteed to help you be successful in the field. And the best part about it is, it’s not going to break the bank. Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

Best Hunting Backpack For the money                 

3. Remington Twin Mesa Day pack

This is high quality hunting pack from Remington. Twin Mesa is 30 liter backpack with a great size for loading up for a day of hunting. There’s five separate outside pockets for stowing your duck calls, ammunition, spotting scope, rangefinder or whatever else you might bring in the field. The interior is spacious enough to pack a few layers and a lunch, or could even be suitable for putting a few birds inside after a successful upland game or waterfowl hunt. 

Best All In One hunting Backpack

This hunting pack has a densely padded hip belt and shoulder straps and is also cool-mesh lined for some added comfort. Hunter reviews insist this is a comfortable and practical pack to bring into the field. The integrated long gun system is great for loading up your rifle or shotgun and puts the weight where it’s easiest to carry your firearm.

The butt cradle is adjustable in length so this pack can accommodate for guns of all lengths. As an all around hunting pack, this is a built to last unit with a thoughtful and well designed schematic.

The Remington Twin Mesa Huntung Backpack has been great,i waited a few months before writting a review so that i could put it to the test. Its been amazing out on our hunting trips. Plenty of storage,comfortable to wear even when walking around 10 miles in a day. Gun sling is so convenient. These pack are usualy well over $100 so the fact this one is so affordable makes it that much better.

Get Big from California
Expert hunter / Amazon verified Purshase for this Pack

4. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander - Top 2020 Hunting Backpack

This seriously tough hunting backpack is designed for rugged and longer hunting expeditions. The pack’s versatile and functional design is made with serious big game hunters in mind.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander backpackes has all the space you need to accommodate all your hunting gear and a frame for carrying larger kills. If you need a quality backpack for rifle, the OutdoorZ definitely live up to the task. It is sturdy and comes with 7.5 lbs frame and durable zippers that are incredibly silent when pulled.

Best 2018 hunting Backpack

Amazon photo

Underneath the lid, you have a hold-open system which implies a bar that runs around the perimeter of the collar. With this, you have a very wide opening and an easy access to the stuff in the main compartment. Note that the spindrift collar is expandable, and it can give you around 8-10 liters of extra volume if you need it.

The pack is hydration compatible, there is a water sleeve in the main compartment where you can put any 3 – 5 litters bladder, and there is a hanger for the water bladder above it. The pipe ports are on both sides, above your shoulders.

This hunting pack includes also the zippered bottom compartment, so indeed this is a feature you would expect from a nicely designed hiking or backpacking pack. An interesting feature is yet another collar with a draw cord, which is there as soon as you open the external zipper. But I must say I do not see the purpose of it at all, the zipper alone would do the job as usual. On the other hand, there is a divider between the two compartments, which has the same structure, so you have a collar with yet another draw cord.

Features of the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Packs :

    • Rifle holder (unique fastening system)
    • 5250 cubic inches (High capacity) with strategically placed pockets
    • External frame design
    • Webbing loops
    • Top loading
    • Lower door access
    • 5 lbs
    • Made of Charcoal Nylon Ripstop fabric
    • Improved cotter and clevis pin design

There are plenty of storage pockets, strapping and pouches for hold tons of gears- so if you want a hunting backpack that truly loads up, then this might be the best hunting backpack for you.

For convenience, this backpack comes with a lower opening, but loads from the top so there are many ways in which you can pack and unpack it.

​If you are looking for a durable and quality hunting backpack to carry all your hunting gear for your next hunting expedition, the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander is your best bet.

Best Hunting Backpack with Rifle / Crossbow Hold                 

5. Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack

If you search a great camouflage hunting backpackes than this pack is yours .The all-new Badlands 2200 is one of the most versatile product in Badlands hunting packs lineups. It’s a 2200 cubic inch pack with an internal aircraft aluminum frame for packing plenty of gear. This Camouflage Hunting Pack Meat Hauler – Bow, Rifle, and Pistol Compatible

Best Camoflage Hunting Pack

One cool feature which comes in handy of this camo hunting pack is the vertical side pockets that have a mesh at the bottom. On the other side, there is a spotting scope pocket where you can fit a good sized pocket spotting scope.

The sweetest perk about the pack is the waistband that features a holster for a sidearm firearm as well as a bow. You don’t have to worry about your gun or bow as it is always right there in the beautiful Velcro feature, which keeps it from slipping out.

Another amazing feature is the built-in meat shelf that is in a zippo compartment in the bottom that is going to roll out.


    • You can carry heavy loads with comfort
    • Offers a bat-wing feature for added versatility
    • Supports loads comfortably
    • Perfect for carrying spotting scopes and tripods
    • Offers pistol holsters on both sides of the pack and also a meat shelf
    • Lifetime warranty
    • All the zippers are super quiet


    • The compartments are not well organized
    • Not much large pockets

One of the best improvements for this camo hunting backpack from Badlands is the internal compatibility of the hydration bladder. The 95-ounce bladder gives you quick access to keep your hydration friendly and at your fingertips. Also, the rear entry suspension gives you access to the bottom or back of your pack without removing it from your body.

If you do carry a sidearm in the back country when you are wearing a pack of this size, for one or 7-day hunt, the Badlands 2000 camo hunting pack is a perfect backpack for you.

Best Camoflage Hunting pack                  

Their is larger deer hunting backpacks choise but the 1800 ci Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack is capable of handling a full animal (once quartered) along with a respectable amount of gear. this hunting pack comes in a range of eight different colors, a set of options not commonly found among hunting backpacks. All color options are similarly priced with the exception of multicamo, which costs a bit extra. The pack clocks in at 6 x 14 x 22 inches and weighs four and a half pounds, with a total size of 22.5 x 16 x 6. Four external retention straps make it easy to add a tent and sleeping bag without sacrificing any compartment space.

Best Deer Hunting Backpack

Carrying meat is more effective on the outside of this pack than on the inside, thanks to the FlexChassis system that allows you to both strap external loads to the pack and to fold it out as a seat when not otherwise in use.

You can also strap both meat and gear down with the set of oversize compression straps rated to handle heavy loads. The base design is optimal for a rifle, but you can add on the optional ARCG ButtBucket to accommodate a compound bow. Both full-sized hunting rifles and shotguns can be carried with the appropriate scabbard, which can be attached between the central compartment and either of the side pockets . The interior sports an aluminum frame that keeps things light while still providing very good back support. 

Two ample side pockets provide room for a spotting scope, extra pockets on the waist belt keep all the smaller stuff within easy reach, and the hip pockets can actually be reached from the outside while the pack is on. Water bladders of up to three liters each will also fit on the side pouches by way of plastic clips that are included with the pack.

One minor issue with this hunting pack type is that the design does tend to skew toward hunters that are no more than six feet tall. The pack might sit a little high for those who are taller, but you can always load it up a bit, take it for a spin around the block and make a return within the return window if it isn’t comfortable. Something that ties into the limited fit range is that the pack does not allow for torso adjustment. Though NT-1 waterproof microfleece fabric is used the frame can still make noise, possibly too much for your approach, but it is possible to correct this easily with tape. Aside from the potential frame issue, this in-house fabric produced by Eberlestock is extremely quiet. Making sure the overall load is well balanced also can help with the noisy frame issue.

This hunting backpack will function best when packing out ultralight gear, but still holds much more than you would expect to look at it from the outside thanks to the double wing design. Triple stitching and extra-durable material is one of the main advantages this pack has over others in the same general price range, as you can hang a surprising amount of game off of it without a problem. It’s also surprisingly water resistant with a uniquely designed zipper system that is great about keeping rain out. The pack is even versatile enough to be used as a day pack for other purposes, and those with larger waist sizes will be pleased to find it has been designed to be comfortable for them. If the height issue doesn’t set you back, The berlestock X2 Hunting BagPack is definitely a top choice in this category, and the layout seems to draw rave reviews from everyone who uses it.

Best BackPack For Deer Hunting for little money.

7. Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack

The M5 Team Elk Backpack from Eberlestock is an all-new elk hunting pack that is about 3100 cubic inches and weighs about 6 ounces. The quality of this hunting pack and its solid construction are hard to beat.

Best Camoflage Hunting Pack

This elk hunting pack houses a new aluminum tubular frame design that curves back and forms a meat shelf down the bottom. The Team Pack has a gunslinger style lid with lots of mali on top for attaching accessories.

It also features the big zipper pocket in the back for putting gear inside, on and also up front. The waterproof zipper tends to give it a leg up over other versions.

On the side of the pack, after unzipping you will see a long tubular pocket that is suitable for holding a spotting scope or also holds a hydration bladder. You will also discover a hook inside the pocket to hang your bladder.

In the back, you will notice a hole where you can run your tube over to your shoulder straps.

  • Bow carrier
  • Rifle Scabbard
  • STorage
  • Suspension System

Did I forget to mention that on the front of the panel you also have a mesh zippered pocket as well as a sleeve behind that? Apart from that, the outside of the panel had a long sleeve as for additional storage.


    • Adjustable chest sternum strap with a suspended back and a fully padded design
    • You can fully remove the waist belt
    • It also comes with a flexible design
    • Lots of built-in side pockets for cell phones, GPS and more
    • All-around hunting pack for a multi-day trip
    • Great comfort and stability


    • The bottom limb pocket doesn’t work well for a crossbow
    • The side pouches aren't broad enough to accommodate a bigger spotting scope

In my opinion, the Eberlestock M5 is one of the best Eberlestock pack for elk hunting you can get the most satisfaction.

Best Elk Hunting Backpack                 

If you are looking for an inexpensive under $100 hunting backpack that offers a lot of storage for a day hunt or Trip, the 19099 Pagosa Daypack might be what you are looking for.eaven for elk and deer hunting

Best cheap Hunting Pack

The Daypack is a 1800 cubic inch capacity, with lots of external, internal pockets and organizers, which help to organize your items.

Another vast improvement is the loop on the front of the pack that lets you easily attach other items to the external parts of the pack.

What even seems to sweeten the pot is the pocket liner that allows you to place in your favorite water pouch on it. The dual water bottle pockets are a fantastic addition, should in case you need an extra supply.

What even seems to sweeten the pot is the pocket liner that allows you to place in your favorite water pouch on it. The dual water bottle pockets are a fantastic addition, should in case you need an extra supply.

The Daypack is made from a quiet Tricot fabric and High-Viz lining to help you locate your gear anytime you are in need of it.

Also, you will notice that the back support panel is skillfully designed with the maximum comfort in mind. You don’t have to worry even though the bag is stocked up to the maximum, as the padded panels coupled with cool mesh are built to keep you comfortable during long tiring treks.


    • Well-made Super soft material
    • The shoulder straps are padded and effective
    • Offers an efficient support panel
    • It features sternum for needed stability
    • The waist belt is adjustable
    • Offers side compression straps that keep your weight balance and close to your body


    • The compartment is rather too small
    • Isn’t heavy duty compared to others on this list
    • Often comes with a strong material odor.

How To Choose the Best Hunting Backpack for You

When it comes to selecting the best hunting backpacks that suits your hunting style, there are some important factors you need to put into consideration. We just add for you 9 factors we see to it when we do this Best Hunting BackPack Review:

  • Size
  • Durbality
  • Design
  • Storage Space
  • Quietness
  • Water Resistance
  • Added features
  • Warranty
  • Pack Type 

So your gear layout largely depends on how long you’re going to be out camping, and the type of animal you are after. Many people do weekend trips, but trips of up to five consecutive days are not uncommon. You’ll see the overall carrying capacity of packs measured in cubic inches. Around 2000 is in the range of day packs, while packs meant for multiple days can range up to around 7000! If you’re not camping, you can go as low as 1800 cubic inches, and the best of these will be durable enough to actually strap some meat to the outside. For a trip with multiple camping nights and that you’re also planning on packing game out of, you’ll want to lean more toward the range of 3000 cubic inches and up. Meat usually goes into a special shelf or is carried on the outside of the pack, so the actual cubic inch rating of the interior isn’t as important for that purpose, but the pack does need to be durable and have stitching of high quality. For carrying both meat and gear you’ll want a pack that is known to be able to handle at least 50 lbs. without tearing.