Best Silent Keyboard- Mechanical quiet keyboards for gaming & typing- 2020 reviews

Not just a mechanical keyboards, but a good silent and quieter keyboard will imrove your typing and gaming  skill in best Pc games. to help you find the " Best Quiet Keyboard" we just test over 52 model and add the best 14 silent keyboards in this comparatif review.

And here is the best 14 quiet keyboards we reviewd in 2020 for typing and gaming.​

Best Quiet Keyboards for Typing- Top 2020 Pick's

1. The Quieter Logitech K780 Wireless Keyboard –The best multi-device silent keyboard

The best think about this quiet keyboard is that you can type and switch between devices at the touch of an easy-switch button

The most beautiful and quieter keyboard by Logitech, the K780 multi-device wireless keyboard will be all you need for your devices, and it has all-in-one features. The keyboard can be connected to any device, i.e., a Smartphone, a tablet, PC, or iPad. Logitech K780 also has a specialized cradle or handler for Smartphone’s and tablets.

It holds any small to a medium device in it for rich and natural typing experience. K780 can be connected to any device via USB and Bluetooth as it has multi-connection support along with many other best features, i.e., it switches between devices with a single touch on the keyboard. If you have connected to your PC, Smartphone, and Tablet and you want to switch, simply touch the switch button and choose your device accordingly.

The typing is comfortable and has large buttons, the full-sized buttons and quiet keys make it suitable for professionals if you are a programmer, a writer, or a gaming freak, this one is for you.

The tablet and Smartphone stand fits any tablet or cell phone; it is compatible with USB or Bluetooth to Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Chromium devices. There’s no need to connect a power source; it will last for months with 2 AAA batteries, the device has an official 2-year warranty and a vendor guarantee of 30 days if the item is not what was ordered, return it with no questions asked.

    • Compatible with all OS
    • Multi-device wireless keyboard
    • ntegrated phone and tablet stand
    • Dual connectivity, i.e., USB and Bluetooth
    • Quiet keys and soft buttons
    • 2-year warranty
  • Full sized

2. HP Wireless Elite v2 Silent Keyboard –Best wireless and quietest keyboard for typing.

If you search a good value quiet keyboard for typing with a wireless option. The Elite V2 provide a better quality keyboard for the money. 

What’s better than the HP Quieter keyboards if you are presented with the best version so far, you ought to buy before it’s sold out. The brand new HP keyboard has all that it takes to be the best wireless quiet keyboard, that too in full size.

This keyboard provides quiet key presses through scissor-style keys. The keys also have a low-profile design that is smooth, comfortable to use and responsive to your key strokes.

HP elite Keyboard v2 is the best-selling wireless keyboard on Amazon. The keypad is extra slim, lightweight, and faster than ever. The design is flawless, also finishing is best of all with extra hotkeys for customized and wide-range options. There’s a built-in number pad along with the alphabet keys.

The compatibility is long and wide, it supports all the Windows operating systems. The design is made such as to adjust the height accordingly. There are four customized hotkeys with two different positions to adjust the keyboard. 2.4 GHz connection gives the freedom to use the keyboard wirelessly 30 feet away from the computer.

There’s a battery life indicator to keep a check on battery life, 2 AAA batteries make sure there’s no hurdle while typing. The v2 elite keyboard has amazing keys; it can last for hours of continuous typing without wear and tear, the keys are soft and quiet.

The versatile functions make it one of the best queite keyboard right now on Amazon. Also, the device can be connected to 5 devices simultaneously with a customized switching option, change your device anytime and switch to the other one when needed.

    • Compatible with all the Notebooks and Windows versions
    • High-end design
    • HP link-5 technology
    • Wireless connection from 10 meters 
  • Full size is difficult to handle

3. Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Quieter Keyboard K740 –The best budget wired & silent keyboard.

The Logitech K740 is a great affordable quiet keyboard with amazing feature of being solar-powered. Quiet, soft, and laser=etched backlit keyboard along with its elegant design that is second to none. The full-size layout opens up all the options for you; it supports a large range of devices.

The keyboard comfortably fits all the hands; the illuminated keys are helpful to type in the dark, there’s an integrated soft-touch palm rest for a fully comfortable experience. The design is flawless, ultra-thin, i.e., only one-third of an inch to be exact, it is an improved version of the same old classic interface, this time it’s sleeker and ultra thin.

The rubbery key indicators make sure your pores don’t get hurt while typing, type for hours without getting your fingers weary at all. The soft rubber coating with thin and comfy keys make it an all-comfy keyboard. The Logitech Illuminated keyboard is compatible with all the Windows versions; the smooth type will amaze you at your first run. The sheer weight of the item makes it a choice to be made; it is only 2.31lb in weight.

    • Logitech Keyboard has illuminated backlit keys
    • Soft-touch palm rest
    • Compatible with all windows versions
    • Corded device
    • Full size

4. Jelly Comb MK09 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse –The best wireless and bluetooth quiet keyboard & mouse combo.

Powered by an advanced Bluetooth 3.0 technology. The combo quiet keyboard and mouse Jelly Comb MK09 Is one of the Top Silent Keybords you can pick in 2020

Powered by an advanced Bluetooth 3.0 technology, The Jelly Comb MK09 Quiet Keyboard for typing  users enjoy a cable-free and clutter-free connection to computers. Its operating distance is also admirable. You can use this silent keyboard from 10 meters with good results.

This keyboard’s impressive design has attracted it many loyal fans all over the world. If you are considering buying one, do not hesitate. Its sleek and ultra-thin design is portable.

You can easily stow it in your messenger bag or backpack without ruining its structure. It also has a durable case with a backlit keyboard that people enjoy using during the day and at night.

Do you have a device with a Windows, Android, or iOS operating system? Do you use it to type your documents and or assignments at home or on the road often? To get a versatile keyboard that will serve you well for long, consider Jelly Comb. Its universal design supports most smart devices. It is also powerful, reliable, and does not require a lot of skill to set up.

This is a portable Bluetooth keyboard for professional and personal use. The scissor-switch keyboard that it comes with responds well. Keys are durable, while its switchable backlighting eases its use during the day and at night.

    • Supports most operating systems
    • Portable ultra-slim design
    • Durable scissor-switch keyboard
    • Bluetooth 3.0 technology
    • Switchable backlighting
  • Lacks tablet stand or feet

5. The Silent Kensington Slim Type Keyboard –The best wired quiet keyboard for typing & office.

The stylish and most elegant Kensington keyboard is an all-in-one solution to your typing and gaming needs; it is a powerful machine to play. It is slim and smart, the body is hard and resistant to accidental spills, slimmer up to 0.75 inches, and soft keys to make sure it won’t hurt your fingers after hours of typing tasks. The keyboard is comfortable with an integrated numeric keypad with special one-touch access hotkeys and controls. The height of keyboard can easily be adjusted; it can be raised to a 30-degree angle with integrated tilt stands.

Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard

The connectivity is wired, i.e., it has a fast connection and easy access to the system, plus there’s no need to sit back making a perfect angle in front of your PC or Laptop, no battery, and hence no additional mess. The device is also compatible with all the Windows versions and Macintosh devices. Kensington slim keyboard also has an official 5-year warranty, with a 90-day vendor guarantee powered by Amazon.

If the item is not as described, return within the three months and get back your money, no questions asked. the keyboard keys are quiet and responsive, there is sleep and mute hotkeys along with the playlist/volume control buttons. the design is improved and reflects the 35-year experience of Kensington in keyboard making.

    • Fast and reliable
    • 5-year warranty upon purchase
    • 90-day guarantee if ordered through Amazon.
    • Quiet keys and slim design
    • Wired connection unfeasible for TV and Raspberry Pi connectivity
    • Old-fashioned

6. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 –The best wired quiet keyboard for typing & office.

Great silent keyboard powred by the world top tech company. Wired choise for typing and gaming.

The most quieter Microsoft keyboard 4000 is wired and powered by world’s best tech company, what’s more, to find. Microsoft dilent keyboard is easy to use, soft and reliable, and ready whenever you are.

the calm and quiet Microsoft 4000 is a good keyboard for noise level… and of course… ergonomics. It comes with a split design, palm lift and cushioned palm rest so you can comfortably and correctly position your wrists and hands.

This keyboard allows you to use hot keys you can customize for your go-to documents and web pages. The middle of the keyboard has a zoom slider to focus, while you also have media keys for easy control over music and video.

This is a quiet keyboard, yet its design is not as quiet as other options. The ergonomic design takes precedence over sound level with this one. A positive is that you get a great price for the top-notch ergonomic design of this keyboard.

    • Most reliable keyboards prepared officially by Microsoft
    • Lightweight, only 2.2lb
    • Free shipping to anywhere in the US
    • No option for wireless connectivity
    • Old model

iPazzPort Wireless Mini Quiet Keyboard –The best mini keyboard for multi-device use

iPazzPort wireless mini keyboard is a handy and ultimate solution to your controlling needs, it has soft keys, quiet typing, and it can be carried anywhere. The Mini Keyboard is no less than a full-size keyboard; the QWERTY layout along with 92 keys for a wide experience will convince you to buy for playing songs online on YouTube or having a Skype chat on your Laptop or TV.

The keyboard is wireless with additional keys that can’t be found on a traditional keyboard. Some best keys are the search and mute keys, the back, and right/left mouse click options are there too with the soft touch-pad. To the left, there are five play keys, two for the volume up/down; the other two are for skipping a song or a program. The center key is for play and pause.

The Mini Keyboard is a complete solution for your Android TV, Raspberry Pi, Laptop, or PC. the wireless mini keyboard supports Bluetooth connectivity; it has a built-in Li-ion battery along with AAA dry cell battery support. It lasts for several weeks before asking for a charging.

The operating range of Bluetooth mini keyboard is 25 feet at max with an operational Voltage of 3.3V DC. The power consumption is only 1mA. There is a USB dongle, a user manual, charging data cable, and a keyboard included in the box.

    • Long lasting battery
    • Wireless keyboard with 92 keys
    • USB cable included with the device
    • Energy efficient
    • Hard buttons
    • Mini sized

8. The Silent Macally Ultra-Slim Keyboard –The best quiet keyboard for typing with mac

If you have any Mac device than this is the perfect quiet keyboard you can get for 2020

We can’t forget about all the Mac fans out there. This is the quiet keyboard for you. It provides a keyboard for a range of Mac products, including MacBook Pro/Air, Apple Mac Pro, iMac, and other devices.

This wired keyboard is very slim with low keys that are comfortable to type on. The scissor-switch key design gives you extra quiet typing that is also smooth.

You gain 16 shortcut keys that allow you to customize to your needs. You also have LED indicators for the shortcut and other important keys.

This keyboard comes with a USB wire connection that is simple to use. It uses plug and play technology so you can quickly set it up and get to work or play.

Best Quiet Keyboards for Gaming- Top 2020 Pick's

9. CORSAIR Strafe RGB Cherry MX Silent –The best selling quiet keyboard for gaming

This is the best selling silent mechanical keyboard for 2019/2020. Uses smooth and quiet Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches, preferred by many gamers.

Gamers will love the function and quiet use of this specialty rgb gaming keyboard. With its linear action from Cherry MX Red mechanical key switch technology, you can easily use this keyboard in quiet situations, and you’ll find that it’s quieter than other mechanical keyboards. The keys also come with a great feel and grip through their contoured, textured keycaps.

Not only are these keys quiet, but the red key switch mechanisms are also responsive without much force to give you that edge for competitive gaming. This keyboard’s gaming-grade circuitry makes it so that every key will register, keeping up with your super speeds.

The red LED backlit option gives you a cheaper choice than the other models while providing the same level of quality. Plus, the backlit keys make it easier to see the keys at night without disturbing your roommate or family.

You can adjust this keyboard to your needs, with adjustable backlighting and programmable keys for your ideal layout. Plus, the USB pass-through on the keyboard allows you to easily connect a wireless headset adapter or mouse. A couple of downsides to consider are that you can’t install Linux on this keyboard and it doesn’t have a wrist pad.

10. The Quieter CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard –The best quiet mechanical keyboard for gaming

The favorate mechanical and rgb silent keyboard for 2020.

Another great quiet gaming keyboard from CORSAIR, The K55 RGB keyboard is an ultimate solution for all the gamers out there; the keyboard is soft and comfortable, backlit keys make it more beautiful with 10+ preconfigured vivid RGB lighting modes.

The Corsair keyboard also has six different programmable keys with key remaps and combos plus the dedicated volume controls without having to hinder in your gaming experience. The keys are made soft and powerful with compatibility with all the operating systems. There are 2 USB ports included to tuck in with the PC.

The dedicated volume keys make it swift and easy without minimizing your game; change your song with a keystroke. To add comfort to the gaming experience, the detachable soft rubber wrist rest will add a relief while gaming hard. If you are a real gamer, the colored, soft, and quiet gaming keyboard will make your life easier and of course, comfortable.

  • 10+ preconfigured lighting modes
  • Customized keys for volume
  • Free shipping for prime members
  • Wrist Rest included
  • Only Shipped in the US

11. CORSAIR K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard –The best silent keyboard for 2020

Our Top Pick Quiet Gaming Keyboard for the money  .

The Corsair K68 is a top-notch affordable option for the gamer looking for a quiet and responsive gaming keyboard at a reasonable price. You have the choice of the standard or the dust and spill resistant varieties; with the latter, you can continue to play despite spills.

With its Cherry MX red mechanical key switches, this keyboard provides quiet use that is also very responsive for a competitive edge. Anti-ghosting technology ensures that you get accuracy from every key you hit.

You can completely customize this keyboard to fit your gaming needs. It uses Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) for high-level macro programming as well as lighting customization.

Nothing will slow you down from game play when you have this keyboard. It provides Windows key lock mode to prevent the wrong key presses, in addition to controls for audio and multimedia.

12. SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard –Quieter yet good keyboard for gaming.

Best Quiet Gaming Mechanical Keyboard for 2019.

You get quiet game play with the Apex M750 RGB while also achieving high game performance. That’s because the third generation SteelSeries mechanical switches included on this keyboard give quick gameplay with a linear actuation that’s quiet to use, while anti-ghosting technology ensures the accuracy of key strokes.

Beyond the sound level, this keyboard is great for gameplay because of its personalization. It allows you to customize the key backlighting to fit your gaming preferences. You can also program a variety of macros.

Designed specifically for gaming, this keyboard can use illumination to provide notifications related to game events. It can also alert you to chat notifications.

Another top feature of this keyboard is its strong and lasting aluminum metal-alloy frame. In addition to its hardiness, it provides a sleek look with a matte finish that looks great, especially when lit up with the color scheme of your choice.

13. Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 –The best tactile and silent mechanical keyboard

A high quality and durable silent mechanical keyboard for gaming and tayping, this offering from Razor will render you a thrilling gaming experience.

With its high-level mechanical switches, this gaming keyboard is incredibly responsive and fast, making it perfect for high-performance gaming. The anti-ghosting technology keeps up with your quick game play, registering up to 10 commands at a time.

You’re able to customize the keys on this keyboard to fit your gaming needs. Through Razer Synapse, you can program the backlit keys individually with a broad array of color options, plus it has five extra gaming buttons.

On the orange model, Razer orange mechanical switches give the keys a tactile and silent quality. This helps you play quietly without holding back. The keys are smooth and sturdy without making much noise.

As well as its quiet and responsive nature, this keyboard is ergonomic to make long gameplay more comfortable. The built-in wrist pad keeps your wrists and hands positioned just right for proper body mechanics.

14. G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming KeyboardVery good quiet keyboard but expensive

The best quiet and faster mechanical keyboard for gaming IF you have the money  .

The best feature of this keyboard is its ultra-responsive Romer-G mechanical key switches, which give you as high as 25 percent faster key actuation than regular mechanical ones. That means you’ll get a competitive edge for gaming.

This high-performance keyboard also provides quiet play with its mechanical switches. On top of being quiet and responsive, these key switches feature a fingerprint-masking matte texture.

You have a lot of control with this keyboard, as you can program macros to customize the function keys, you can adjust media from the keyboard and you can customize the key lighting from an almost endless range of colors. You can also disable certain keys in Game Mode and choose from over 300 pre-loaded game profiles to fit all your favorite games.

A potential downside of this keyboard is that it’s missing a USB port and a mic port. If that’s important to you, you might prefer a different quiet keyboard.


If you need to get a great quiet keyboard but light on the budget, go for the wire in pursuit of buying the Best Quiet Keyboard. The gaming keyboard is the most durable, and undisputedly the best to buy; they are expensive than the normal keyboards, yet the most durable with enhanced connectivity and sturdy design. Above keyboards are the best mechanical keyboards on Amazon right now with free shipping. Most of them are fully protected with official warranty and vendor’s guarantee if bought from Amazon.