Best Portable Tool Boxes 2020 Review – Buyer Guide

Discover the Best 2020 portable toolbox and tool boxes reviews on . Find a wide selection of top brands, different toolbox references at the best price.

With many tools we use in our work, a storage tool box becoming must have product . our « best tools » expert site reviews many chest and tool boxes brands to help you find the best portable toolbox in 2020 not only for home us but the best professional tool box for «electrical, mechanical» with a great value for the money.

When it come to tools storage, their is no deference between DIYer and professional. we need somewhere safe to place our tools & equipment when we are done. of course, many people go and search for a good chest or toolbox to store it as our tools are unlikely used in the same place.

But many people will find a difficult to find their best toolbox because their is many good tool boxes type from deferent brands offered good boxes but not anyone can fit their job specialty.

For this we created this top 10 reviews about the best portable toolbox for 2020, each tool box review for its specialty (mechanic, electric...).Good tool boxes for the money, brands comparison and buyer's guide to help you to find the best toolbox  that fit needs.

Best 10 Tool Boxes Comparison Table

Toolbox NameMaterialCompartmentsStorage 
Best Chest Toolbox
Plastic1 Tray2430 cu. in.Check Price
Keter Masterloader 
Best Rolling box
Polypropylene Resin8 Organizers2860 cu. in.Check Price
Stanley 020800R 4-In-1 Mobile workstation
For Professionals
Structural Foam2 Organizers
1 Tray, 1 Bin
3930 cu. in.Check Price
Cat Premium Plastic Portable Tool Box
Best For Electrician’s
Polypropylene Resin 2 Organizers
1 Tray
1,665 cu. in.Check Price
WORKPRO 229- Piece
top mechanics ToolBox Kit
Steel2 Drawers1520 cu. in.Check Price
Stanley 028001L
Hand Toolbox For DIYer's
Structural Foam1 Tray 2125 cu. in.Check Price
DEWALT DWST08204 Tough System Case
Large Capacity Chest tool Box
Plastic1 Organizer
1 Tray
3040 cu. in.Check Price
Stanley 018800R Work Center
Best 2020 Mobile Tool Box
Structural Foam2 Organizers
1 Tray, 1 Bin
3930 cu. in.Check Price
Best Choice Product Rolling Tool Storage Box
Best Portable Tool Storage Box
Structural Foam1 top box drawer
3 small drawers
2 trays
3 large drawers
1 big bottom cabinet
Check Price

Reviews Of The Best Portable Tool Boxes

As you can see in our Best Tool Boxes for 2020 listed above. We are add description to each portable toolbox and now we will review each one to find why we find this good tool box as the best for 2020.

1. Best Chest Toolbox For The money- DEWALT DWST17806 TSTAK VI Deep Box Review

Best Tool Box For The Money Review

In searching for the best chest toolbox for the money we can't find a great tool box than DWST17806 TSTAK VI Deep Box from DEWALT during our tool boxes comparison and reviews.

As you know, DeWalt brand was a professional grade power tools, but whose reputation took a hit when they started manufacturing from China. In recent years, this power tools and toolbox brand has begun the slow ascent to reclaim its good name and once again be known as a manufacturer that professionals can trust to provide high quality construction equipment.

To reclaim their reputation, Delwat transforming from power tools to manufacture tools accessories like tool boxes. With regards to its DWST17806 toolbox, DeWalt has produced a tool chest that is somewhat underwhelming in most respects but shows potential in others.

​The DWST17806 tool chest is meant to serve as the base of a three or four part modular tool storage system. In that light, some of the faults of the DWST17806 should be understood within the context that it is not necessarily meant to be a standalone chest tool box but work in conjunction with other tool storage components. On its own, it is easily one of the least expensive tool chests we ran across.It's really the best toolbox for the money.

However, this toolbox also has some serious limitations. For one, regarding both space and weight, this is a somewhat small tool chest. The 44 lb. weight capacity was the lowest we reviewed, while its 2430 cu. in. storage was also the smallest. Keep in mind you can purchase the entire kit for about the same price as the other tool chests on our list, but on its own, it is merely adequate.

    • Comes with a four part locking mechanism
    • Can be expanded with additional cases
    • Exceptionally inexpensive for the size
      • Features a full sized tray and organizer bin
    • Has a fairly low 44 lb. weight capacity
    • Plastic locks, hinges, and body are not that durable

2. Best Rolling Chest Tool Box - Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Review

Best Rolling Chest Tool Box Review

Keter is the only brand on our review list that does not specialize in tools of any sort. In fact, the company was actually founded to manufacture high grade plastic and then simply cut out the middleman and decided to manufacture their own products instead. While this can lead to some decent prices, it also means that the brand may not always understand what different markets need.

That is why it is so surprising that the Keter tool chest is as well designed as it is. When compared to some of the other tool chests we reviewed, it seemed as though Keter might understand its potential consumers far better than some of the brands which have been manufacturing tool storage products for all markets for decades.

For one, the main storage area of this tool chest is surprisingly spacious at 2860 cu. in. To back that up, this tool chest features more additional compartments than any other tool box we reviewed–regardless of what type of tool box. The organizers can also be taken out and arranged as you see fit, while the hand tool organizer features a removable divider for even more customized organization.

The only bad quality about the Keter is that their plastic is likely not designed to deal with the rigors of construction work. For instance, while the total storage area is comparable to any of the other chests, the maximum weight capacity is significantly lower at only 66 lbs. On top of that, the hinges and lock are not that durable–which is actually a far greater issue for the lock which could allow the top to simply open in transit if it fails.

    • Comes with two sets of organizers, large and small
    • Provides a decent amount of storage area
    • A relatively inexpensive chest toolbox
    • Features wheels for rolling transport
    • Opens on ball bearing sliders
    • The handle sleeve is flimsy
    • Poor design in wet conditions
    • Wheels are a bit small and set too close together

Stanley Mobile Workstation Toolbox Review

For good tool box used in workstation like garage we need to find a large toolbox.In our comparison test we can find a great garage toolbox like Stanley 020800R FatMax 4 in 1 Mobile Work Station.

Outside of DeWalt, Stanley is the other manufacturer on our reviews of the best tool boxes 2020 list that has a solid reputation in the construction industry. Unlike DeWalt, Stanley has not suffered a decline in its reputation that it must now regain. In fairness, that is likely in part due to the fact that Stanley focuses primarily on hand tools and only occasionally dips its toe in the power tool market.

Of course, hand tools still need to be stored and transported as well, and Stanley seeks to provide for that need with its FatMax 4-in-1 Mobile Workstation toolbox. In terms of storage space, the workstation’s 3930 cu. in. is only matched by a single chest, making it the second largest toolbox we reviewed. Still, beyond sheer storage capacity, this workstation also offers a wide range of organization.

This Stanley Toolbox is actually three toolboxes in one. The top portion is designed like a standard tool box and is intended to house all of your hand tools. Much like a standard toolbox, the top portion also features a tray. The middle portion is where the organizing compartment sits and it offers deep 4 ½” slots to house whatever components or ancillary tools you may need. Finally, the bottom portion provides deep 18” bucket style storage for larger power tools.

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What we don't like?

Sadly, Stanley’s innovative design and excellent storage and organizational developments did not translate to the actual engineering. Specifically, the structural foam Stanley uses for their tool storage suffers more with this larger toolbox designed to carry up 88 lbs., which is good but not great. The hinges, handle sleeve, latches, and wheels are all liable to suffer failure, which makes this option a bit riskier than you would prefer.

    • Top is a toolbox with a tray
    • Bottom compartment is large
    • Maximum weight capacity of 88 lbs. is decent
      • Features wheels for rolling transport
      • Lever opener is convenient
      • Features an organizer compartment
    • The wheels are not durable
    • The handle sleeve is flimsy
    • The latches are liable to break off the box

4. Best Electrician’s Toolbox - Cat Premium Plastic Portable Tool Box Review

Best Electrician Tool Box

Finding the best toolbox for electricians is not easy, we review many good tool boxes but we find it an useful for electrical job as electrician tool box must have some specific features.

Out of 35 tool boxes claimed by its manufactures as the best for electricians we found that the Cat Premium Plastic Portable Tool Box is the best friendly toolbox for electrical work. But it come only with standard style and unique size of 26 in.

It might seem a bit odd to see a Cat product on a list of toolboxes considering that the parent company, Caterpillar, is far more well-known for making industrial equipment like bulldozers and cranes. However, Caterpillar also makes numerous products geared towards professionals working in new construction, especially electricians and HVAC technicians. Keeping that in mind, it should come as no surprise that they make our list with the best electrician’s toolbox.

While Caterpillar may be known for producing industrial equipment capable of withstanding the abuse of decades of tough environments and heavy duty workloads, this Cat toolbox most definitely cannot. The polypropylene resin material is not very durable and will actually bow if heavily laden. However, electricians generally do not require as many heavy tools as many other professions in the construction field.

    • Provides a good number of organizers
    • Tray is full size and fits flush
    • Handle and latches are fairly durable
    • Is a rather inexpensive toolbox
    • One of the more portable toolboxes
    • The body plastic is not that durable
    • Body will flex when heavily laden
    • Does not provide a great amount of storage
Verdict: The Cat Premium Plastic Portable Tool Box with lid organization – Best Electrician’s Toolbox

Electricians need a good toolbox that is far more portable than many of the others boxes we have reviewed for this list. The Keter arguably provides just as much organizational space as this toolbox, but it is far too large for an electrician to carry out into the field. As such, the dual organization compartments located in the top of this toolbox offer the perfect mix of portability and storage for the various fasteners an electrician is likely to need. When you add the full sized tray that sits flush with the toolbox to prevent spillage, this is nearly an ideal toolbox -nearly.

5. best toolbox for mechanics - WORKPRO 229- Piece Mechanics Tool Kit Review

Best Mechanical Toolbox With Tools

Like electricians, finding the best tool box for mechanics is not easy but we can find some good tool boxes selection offers when we buy a complet tool kit or a mechanical toolbox with tools.

​From Stanley To dewalt and other well knowing tool bow brands, we search the best one for mechanical but after over 40 models our expert review we find that the best mechanics toolbox come from another brand which is WORKPRO.

For one, this is the only toolbox on our list that comes with a complete starter set of all your basic mechanic’s tools.

WORKPRO may not be one of the most well-known mechanical tools brand on our list and it is also not that old, but it is quietly becoming known for excellent mid-market hand tools. Moreover, WORKPRO has positioned itself to provide tools for construction, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing fields. As such, it should not be surprising that the WORKPRO is our best mechanic’s portable toolbox.

While they may not be as robust as a professional tool set, they are more than enough to either get you started or for the various mechanical jobs you may encounter around the house. That being said, these mechanical tools are only of average quality, but they are not cheap junk.

For the toolbox itself, it is arguably the best part of the entire mechanics tool kit package. With a sturdy steel design that features various points of aluminum reinforcement, this is likely the most durable toolbox we reviewed. However, you will need to consider that the tool set but the toolbox is also far heavier than toolboxes more than twice its size.

    • Durable piano hinge opening and metal locking hatches
    • Provides two sliding drawers
      • Comes with a full set of basic mechanic’s tools
      • Steel is an incredibly durable material
    • Far heavier than toolboxes twice its size
    • Cannot hold larger hand or power tools
Verdict: WORKPRO 229-Piece Mechanics Tool Kit – Best Mechanical Toolbox.

Of course, being a toolbox designed for mechanics, this product is not at all intended for, nor truly capable of, housing power tools unless they are extremely small, and then only in the top compartment. Unfortunately, WORKPRO does not sell the toolbox separately, and the entire kit is a bit pricey–especially considering you may prefer better quality tools.

6. Best Hand Toolbox - Stanley 028001L Tool Box Review

Best Stanley Hand Tool Box Review

For homeowner or if you need just a good, simple, no-frills hand toolbox, then the 028001L Tool Box from Stanley is likely the best hand product for you. While it can conceivably be used for professional applications, it is likely more at home with DIYers. That being said, there are still a few features that might make professionals give this toolbox a second look.

The Stanley 028001L ToolBox is one of the less expensive boxes we reviewed. While it comes with an internal tray, the tray is not full size and does not sit flush against the top. This means that the tray may spill over during transport. Still, transport is a bit easier with this hand toolbox than others of its type due to the fact that you can carry it with the handle or with the two indents underneath.

    • Provides a watertight seal
    • Can be carried in different ways
    • Metal latches are reasonably durable
    • A fairly inexpensive toolbox
    • Comes with an internal tray
    • Body will flex when heavily laden
    • Hinges are not that durable
Verdict: The 028001L Tool Box from stanley is The best 2020 toolbox for homeowner and DIYer's .

Olso professionals may check out on this good hand toolbox. While it does not feature a great amount of storage space compared to tool chests and workstations, it still does offer a decent amount for a hand toolbox. However, if a professional fills this toolbox up with heavy hand and power tools, the structural foam which Stanley uses for most of its tool storage products will bow significantly.

7. Best Large Capacity Chest Tool Box - DEWALT DWST08204 Tough System Case Review

Best Dewalt Large Capasity Chest Toolbox Reviews

If you search a good extra large chest tool box than the Dewalt DWST080204 Tought System Case is your best affordable chest box with extra large .

While other DeWalt tool chests and tool bexes may seek to appeal to the budget-minded consumer, this great tool chest is definitely aimed more at the professional. In this way, DeWalt does seem to be making strides to return to their former glory as a reputable manufacturer of professional grade products. Still, this tool chest is not without its issues, many of which directly undermine its ultimate intent.

In terms of the professional quality it provides, this is another tool storage unit that is ultimately designed in a modular fashion. However, this lineup may arguably be geared more towards that direction than other DeWalt tool chests.

For instance, this lineup includes various storage units of varying sizes as well as a carrier which is both reasonably durable and easy to transport.

In this way, while the Tough System Case may not provide wheels for transportation, it does provide that option–albeit at an extremely high cost.

The Tough System Chest Box does provide a number of features which place it squarely in the professional realm. For instance, this is one of the few tool boxes we looked at which is water resistant. Even better, that water resistance is rated on the international IP scale as providing protection from harmful deposits of dust and high pressure jets of water. This does not mean you can leave it unprotected for weeks on end, but it could easily ride in the back of a truck to the jobsite without a tarp on it.

    • Features an impressive 110 lb. weight capacity
    • Provides a good amount of storage
    • Provides a IP65 water and debris resistance
    • Offers vertical and tray organization
    • Can be expanded modularly
    • Plastic is not that durable
    • Does not come with wheels for transport
    • Latches and hinges are not that durable

DEWALT DWST08204 Tough System Case Is The Best Extra Large Chest Tool Box.

The DWST08204 Tought System is one of the best chest tool box you can buy it especially with it's affordable price.One of the best qualities of this tool chest is its structural integrity, however you need to understand this as having some limitations as well. For instance, this tool chest offers the largest weight capacity of 110 lbs. Combined with 3040 cu. in. of storage, and you can carry pretty much anything. Unfortunately, the side handles, latches, and hinges all feature plastic which has been known to break or fail.

8. Best Mobile Chest Tool - Stanley 018800R Work Center Tool Chest Review

Best Stanley Mobile Chest Tool Review

The Stanley 018800R Mobile Work Center Portable tool box continues Stanley’s proud tradition of the best high-quality and reliable products. This portable work station is ideal for handymen, crafters or anyone who wants to keep their stuff organized. It’s multifunctional and can fit anywhere.

The 018800R mobile chest & tool boxe comes with two distinct storage solutions – a tool box for hand tools and a lower bin for extra storage. Users can easily access tools via the slide down door while a snap-on latch keeps things secure. Meanwhile, the foldable handle makes the work center easy to control while the large wheels allows for smooth movement on any surface.

The Stanley 018800R  mobile chest box has received positive reviews from very diverse users. Judging by the compliments it accrued and its features, this work station deserves a grade of 8.4/10 stars. Its portability, spacious compartments and easy to access storage are the features that apparently made the 018800R popular.

Interestingly, this Stanley product seems to be the preferred portable work station tool boxe of crafters, show contestants, groomers and artists. One hair stylist described the 018800R as an amazing tool chest. According to her, she used the top compartment to store tubs of clips, numerous combs, several scissor cases, drapes and hair styling books. Blow dryers, hair clippers, hot tools and manicure kits are stored in the lower bin.

Nothing beats the Stanley 018800R toolbox when it comes to functionality and mobility. This mobile work center has three separate compartments. Each layer is designed to house various types of tools and equipment.

The top storage compartment is best used as a tool box for average-sized hand tools, screws and wrenches. Its portable tray gives users the luxury of just carrying the essentials, instead of bringing all the tools everywhere. Meanwhile, the bottom layer is ideal for storing power tools and other heavier equipment.

Both storage compartments are roomy and some users even claim it’s too spacious. The impression is understandable, as the top section measures 17” long, 8 1/2” wide and 6” deep. Meanwhile, the lower bin is 17” long, 10” wide and 14” high.

Finally, the Stanley 018800R’s large, sturdy wheels and thick handle makes it easy to move and maneuver. Whatever the terrain is, the tool chest remains stable, ensuring that the tools stored inside it are kept in place.

Verdict: The Stanley Mobile work Station is the Best mobile & Large Chest ToolBox

If your work entails moving from one place to the other, this work center chest tool will be a good pick as it makes it possible to store and transport your tools. The hard plastic construction makes it very durable, and it has a large bin for power tools and portable tray for your hand tools. This toolbox has some large wheels to make mobility simple, and the handle also folds down for convenient storage.

9. Best Portable Tool Storage Box - Best Choice Product Rolling Tool Storage Box Review

Best Portable Tool Storage Box

Store all of your tools and accessories in an organized manner with the Best Choice Products Portable Tool Storage Box. It is an innovative tool box that has numerous drawers to help you stay organized when you are at the work site.

  • Side handle: It allows you to easily move the unit from one place to another.
  • 4 Omni-directional wheels: They make it easy to move the unit around.
  • Lock and keys: They provide security when you are away.
  • Foam material: It is in drawers and trays, and it helps absorb oil.
  • Drawers and trays: They help keep your tools in place.
  • 2-piece tool chests and cabinets: They enable you to use them together or separately.

Final Verdict :

Ultimately, the best portable toolbox will be heavily dependent on what you need it to accomplish. Many of the toolboxes we reviewed are probably best left to professionals, as homeowners are unlikely to require that kind of storage space that is also portable.

That said, the Stanley 028001L is still an excellent choice for a DIYer and Homeowner's. While large enough for a few power tools or the most commonly used hand tools, it is not enormous. It also doesn’t take a large bite out your wallet.

If you are a professional, you will likely want to look at one of the tool chests or a workstation. The Stanley FatMax 4-in-1 is a solid workstation but needs to be treated gently. For tool chests, the Keter Masterloader is incredibly convenient.

Best portable & rolling tool box organizers – Buyer’s Guide

To Help You Finding your best 2020 tool box  we write this toolbox and chest box buyer's guide on how exactly You can buy the best toolbox 

​Tool Boxes Type:

While toolboxes as a broad category come in a wide variety of forms, the portable type of toolboxes generally come in one of two profiles: hand toolboxes and workstations. Both of these profiles are technically portable, though they are often used for very different purposes. Moreover, even products within the same profile will demonstrate different design features to accommodate the needs of various professions or jobs.

Here Is the main deference between Hand  Toolbox and a Workstation Tool Box

+ Hand Tool Box

Chest Box – This is similar to a hand toolbox in many respects except that it is often significantly larger. While you may be able to carry a tool chest, carrying one that is fully laden with hand and power tools will likely be incredibly difficult. These types of toolboxes are rarely made out of metal, though a few may be made from aluminum. Because a fully loaded tool chest can weigh well over 100 pounds, they may come with wheels to make transporting them easier. They will almost always open with a hinge design and can have a wide array of internal compartments.

+ Workstation Tool Box

Some toolbox buyer's search for a specific professional tool boxes like mechanics toolbox or electrical too.

Tool Box For Electricians – An electrician’s toolbox is pretty much a hand toolbox with a focus on organizing compartments over any other style. This is because electricians will use various types of fasteners more often than most other professionals who use toolboxes. In fact, electricians will use all of the different types of fasteners that general construction workers use as well as ones that they do not. Much like a hand toolbox, an electrician’s toolbox can come in a wide variety of materials and openers. Moreover, they can also include the internal tray common in hand toolboxes.

Tool Box For Mechanic’sA mechanic’s toolbox is much closer to the traditional, or hand, toolbox in size and design.

The main difference between a mechanic’s and a hand toolbox are the materials and compartments.

Hand toolboxes are generally made out of metal because they are far more likely to come into contact with grease and corrosive chemicals. A mechanic’s toolbox will also generally favor drawers over other types of compartments, though the drawers themselves may include built-in organizers.

Type of the tool box can't be the only think's to see to find your best toolbox but the size, storage space and especialiy the material are olso must see befor you find your great one.

Materials :

The materials of toolbox is made out of have a bit of a give and take relationship. Ultimately, you have to decide what is most important: portability or durability. The lighter materials, like plastic, are not nearly as durable as heavier materials. On the other hand, the most durable material commonly used in toolboxes, steel, is also the heaviest, making it the least portable. Sadly, there is no perfect material, and you will be forced to choose what you favor.

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium

When it came to toolboxes, steel used to be the go-to material. It was durable enough to hold heavy and sharp tools without concern and could take a tumble from a couple stories without falling apart. Moreover, it was reasonably inexpensive all things considered. Unfortunately, it was also exceedingly heavy. These days, steel is often reserved for smaller hand toolboxes. It is also a bit more expensive than some of the other materials used.

Storage and Toolbox Compartments :

If you are not familiar with the demands of various tool box construction and mechanical related industries, it may seem like the only important quality in choosing the best toolbox is how many tools it can hold. While carrying large tools, whether hand tools or power tools, in undoubtedly important, the various other smaller components these professionals use are also vital. However, these parts need to be kept isolated so that they can be easily retrieved when needed. That is where compartments come in. Still, different types of compartments are designed for different purposes, and each will generally be more important depending on the field in which the toolbox is used. The different types of compartments are drawers, organizers, and trays.