Best Wire Stripper for 2020-Top 10 Pliers & Stripping Tools

​For safety when stripping wire or electrical cable, a good wire stripper is a must have tool.

In this " Best Wire Strippers " review you will find the Top 10 stripping tools we try from top brand like Klein & IRWIN.

Here is our list of the Best Wire Strippers we review for 2020

Best Wire Strippers In 2019.

The next wire strippers are our best . All this strippers tools use the latest innovative components to meet your needs when stripping wire and help to ensure you do your best work.

1. VISE-GRIP 2078300 Wire Strippers –Best IRWIN Self-adjusting Wire Stripper

Not just for wire strippers. IRWIN is one of the best power and hand tools manufacturs in the market today.

So, if  you’re looking for a top self-adjusting wire stripper you might consider the IRWIN VISE-GRIP Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper.

this 8" Wire Stripper designed to accommodate all wires between 10 and 24 AWG, that's make the stripping wire with in computers and other such devices very easy

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Self-Adjusting  Wire Stripper Review
    • Self-adjusting mechanism and a swivel knob for micro-adjustments for gauges smaller than 20 AWG.
    • Wire cutter and ProTouch Grips for maximum comfort and reduced hand fatigue
    • Wire crimper crimps 22 AWG insulated, 10-22 AWG non-insulated, and 7-9mm terminals.

the IRWIN  8" VISE-GRIP Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper provides us everything needed to strip, cut, and crimp wires. Because it’s self-adjusting, it’s ridiculously easy to use, allowing users of all experience levels to thrive. Available for a mid-level price, it offers a tremendous amount of value.

    • Made out of durable, hardened steel
    • Possesses a tacky, rubber grip
    • Capable of stripping, cutting, and crimping
    • Self-adjusting for easy use
    • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Insulation tends to get stuck after stripping.
  • Doesn’t come with instructions.

2. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Multi-Tool –Best Manual Wire Stripper

Sometimes we need more than wire strippers .The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Manual Multi-Tool  is a special wire stripper that can do a little bit of everything. Capable of stripping, crimping, and cutting wires, this wire stripper can handle all of your wire-altering tasks.

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP Manual wire stripper’s has a great stripping abilities. It’s equipped with cutting terminals from 10 to 22 AWG, allowing it to accommodate about a fourth of the total wire gauges. It’s designed to strip all wires you would find in computers or similar electronics

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Self-Adjusting  Wire Stripper Review
      • Induction hardened cutting edge.
      • Combines a wire stripper, wire cutter, and crimper into one tool that:
        • Strips and cuts 10-22 AWG,,
        • Crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals.
        • Cuts bolts to size with a perfect lead thread.
      • Features a pliers nose for pulling and looping wire.
      • ProTouch grips.
    • Made out of hardened, durable steel
    • Possesses a tacky, rubber grip
    • Can be used for stripping, cutting, and crimping
    • Very easy to use
    • Reasonably priced
    • Tends to fray larger wires
    • Must pull the levers open after each use

3. Neiko 01924A Stripper –Best Budget Self-adjusting Wire Stripper

You don’t want to spend a lot of money but need a great  self-adjusting wire stripper? If so,just look to our best budget one. The Neiko 01924A Ultimate Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper that quipped with high-quality stripping, cutting, and crimping abilities, it can easily cover all of your wire alteration needs.

Best Budget Wire Stripper.
    • Innovative wire stripper with self-adjusting mechanism is ideal for copper and aluminum cables from 10-24 AWG
    • Thumb wheel micro-adjusts jaw tension and clearance for perfect stripping on smaller gauge wires beyond 20 AWG
    • Adjustable gauge/stopper controls the length of core wire from 1/4 to 3/4”
    • Built-in crimper crimps 10-22 AWG insulated, 4-22 AWG non-insulated and 7-8 mm auto ignited terminals

Capable of stripping wires between 10 and 24 AWG, it will handle just about every wire you find in computers or similar electronics. Spring-loaded, this tool automatically grasps wires at their specific widths, allowing for clean stripping. Its crimper can handle wire gauges between 10 and 22 AWG.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive self-adjusting wire stripper that simply gets the job done, the Neiko 01924A Ultimate is the wire stripper for you. It’s not quite on the level of high-end strippers, but serves its purposes just fine. While it can be used by users of all experience levels, it’s ideally used by people who only need to strip wire every once in awhile.

    • Very affordable
    • Made out of tough, durable steel
    • Equipped with tacky, rubber grip
    • Self-adjusting
    • Possesses a crimper and cutter as well
    • Doesn’t always strip on the first try
    • Isn’t precise with small wires

4. OYISIYI Strippers –Best Overall Wire Stripper

We try some great wire strippers from top brands, we’re try  the OYISIYI Wire Stripper as the best one around. A self-adjusting stripper, it grasps wires firmly, stripping them clean of insulation with just a simple pull.

This wire stripper is equipped to accommodate wire gauges between 10 and 22 AWG, making it great for most wire altering purposes.There is a micro adjusting swivel knob to strip wire smaller than 26 AWG. An adjustable stopper controls the length of wire stripped so that user can get required length.

Also equipped with a cutter and a crimper, it’s adorned with bold, white letters to tell you exactly which terminal is appropriate for your specific purpose.

Best Wire Strippers for 2019
    • This Wire Stripper comes with self-adjusting jaws that firmly grab wire and cable from 10-24AWG.
    • It crimps 10-22AWG insulated terminals, 12-10AWG / 16-14AWG / 22-18AWG non-insulated terminals, and 7-8mm auto ignition terminals. Besides, Wire Cutter also included for additional functionality.
    • Insulated comfortable handle offer protection and reduce hand exhaustion, suitable for long time work.

he OYISIYI Wire Stripper is well worth the price. No other wire stripper combines durability, grip, and functionality in the way that this one does. Whether you’re a professional electrician, or a hobbyist working on a project, it will accommodate you.

    • ​3-year replacement warranty
    • Very durable construction
    • Strips wires impeccably
    • Possesses a stripper, cutter, and crimper
    • Equipped with a soft, rubber grip
    • Very easy to use
    • Capable of stripping multiple wires at once
    • Doesn’t always strip on the first try

5. 11063W Katapult from Klein  –Top Automatic Wire Stripper

During our search for the best wire strippers for 2020 we try some unconventional model and found that Klein Tools 11063W Katapult Wire Stripper is the best automatic stripper.

​This wire cutter is designed to strip wires between 8 and 22 AWG. Unfortunately, it’s doesn’t possess a cutter or crimper. It is, however, capable of removing up to 1 inch of insulation with just one hand motion.

Best Automatic Wire Strippers.
    • Cuts and strips 8-20 AWG solid and 10-22 AWG stranded wire with ease.
    • Compound action stripping: grip and strip via single-action squeezing motion.
    • Precision machined stripping holes easily remove insulation without damaging the wire
    • Removes up to 1-Inch (25 mm) in length of the insulation layer (jacket layer) in a single step
    • Tension loaded wire-grip gently holds the cab

Possessing endless durability, it’s made out of tough, hardened steel which is designed to withstand years and years of use. Equipped with a tacky, rubber grip, it’s fairly easy to handle regardless of your hand size.

    • Tough and durable construction
    • Ridiculously easy to use
    • Doesn’t cause fraying
    • Equipped with a tacky, rubber grip
    • Strips gauges between 8 and 22
    • On the expensive side
    • Doesn’t possess a cutter or crimper

6. Kinee Adjustable Strippers –Best Wire Stripper for Rapid Use

If you need to stripping a huge number of wires  but have no time than go to Professionally-Wire Strippers made, the Kinee Adjustable Automatic Cable Stripper is capable to do this. Designed to strip everything from computer wire to automobile wire, to speaker wire, it performs its duty with very little put forth by its user.

While this is primarily a wire stripper, it also possesses a cutting mechanism. However, unlike other strippers on our list, it doesn’t possess a crimping mechanism. Made out of tough plastics and metals, it’s designed to last over years of use. Though it’s not equipped with a handle, its textured surface is easy to grip and handle.

Wire Strippers Review.
      • Works with single-conductor 10 to 24 AWG stranded or solid wire, the electrical wire stripping tool is great for stripping speaker wire
      • Adjustable stop for consistency in wire strip lengths and replaceable blade system of self adjusting wire stripping tool
      • Simply insert amount of wire to be stripped and then squeeze,wire cutter stripper for 0.2mm-3.3mm cutting range
      • The automatic wire stripping tool apply in worker electrician,wireman,electrical repairs,gardener,machine repair worker

If you’re looking  top wire stripper that gets the job done quickly eaven if it's simple, the Kinee Adjustable Automatic Cable Wire Stripper is exactly what you need. Great for electricians and technicians, it suits users of all experience levels. Available for a considerably low price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another stripper that offers this much value on a budget.

    • Easy to use
    • Reasonably priced
    • Tough plastic and metal construction
    • Can be used quickly
    • Possesses a cutter and a stripper
    • Not equipped with a crimper
    • Doesn’t possess a rubber grip

7. Channellock 957 7-Inch Stripper –Best Comfortable Wire Strippers

If you need to use a wire stripper for long periods of time than you need a comfortable wire strippers. For this purpose, we suggest the Channellock 957 7-inch Ergonomic Handle Wire Stripping Tool.

This 7" wire stripper is designed to strip wires between 10 and 20 AWG. It’s also capable of crimping and cutting wire. To make it user-intuitive, it’s adorned with bold, white descriptive letters.

Best Comfortable Wire Stripper
      • Strips 10-20 AWG wire
      • Precision ground cutter
      • Lean plier nose pulls and loops wire
      • Laser etched marking for lasting indication of wire gauges

Made out of durable, hardened steel, this wire cutter is capable of withstanding quite a bit of wear and tear. Equipped with a tacky, rubber grip, and designed with an ergonomic handle, it’s ridiculously easy to handle for users of all strengths and hand sizes. It fatigues your hand as little as any wire cutter you’re going to find.

    • Tough and durable construction
    • Rubber grip and ergonomic handle make for spectacular handling
    • Reasonably priced
    • Capable of stripping, cutting, and crimping
    • Easy to use
    • Latches can be faulty
    • Can only handle mid-level gauges

8. WGGE WG-015 Strippers –Best Professional Wire Wire Stripper

In this wire stripper, there is a curved handle which with an ergonomic designed. The grip is very strong and has got a serrated nose which bends very easily. You can easily pull a wire and shape it. It can be used for multiple purposes and includes a precision blade.

This weighs 8.2 ounces with the body composed of carbon alloy steel proposals. You can even cut a bolt with it without any problem. This is 8 inches in size and comes with a warranty of 18 months.

Comfortable Wire Stripper
      • WGGE Cuts, strips wire and loops 10-22 AWG Solid copper wire and Stranded Built in screw shearer for 6-32, 8-32,10-32, 4-40, 10-24 and 5-40 screws,
      • Strong-gripping serrated nose for easy bending, shaping, and pulling of wire
      • Cutting action combined with ergonomic curved handle
      • Bolt cutter cuts bolts to size and leaves perfect lead thread

This stripper tool comes with durable and long-lasting high carbon alloy steel blades. This guarantees that you get an accurate and precise cut each time. The handle has a non-slip coating, and they’re designed to be comfortable to hold and use. There is also a built-in bolt cutter so you can cut bolts to size.

    • Comes with an 18-month warranty against damage
    • Designed to perform a variety of tasks
    • Cheap wire stripper
    • Handles are slightly further apart
    • Might not crimp wire very well

9. Klein Tools 11057 –Best Wire Stripper for Small Wires

For smaller wireswe need a good wire stripper that’s designed to accommodate them. The best choice would be the Klein Tools 11057 Wire Stripper. A manual wire stripper, it’s very user intuitive, making it extremely easy to use.

This Klein wire stripper is capable of adequately stripping wires from 20 to 30 AWG. Also possessing a looper, and a cutter, this stripper has everything needed to get the job done. Marked with bold, white letters, it tells you exactly what each terminal is capable of, allowing you to use it with little to no confusion.

    • Self-adjusting mechanism and a swivel knob for micro-adjustments for gauges smaller than 20 AWG.
    • Wire cutter and ProTouch Grips for maximum comfort and reduced hand fatigue
    • Wire crimper crimps 22 AWG insulated, 10-22 AWG non-insulated, and 7-9mm terminals.

If you’re looking for a simple wire stripper that can handle small gauges, the Klein Tools 11057 Wire Stripper is what you’re looking for. Not only can it strip wires, but cut, and loop them as well. Available for a mid-level price, this stripper offers a great deal of precision, accuracy, and functionality.

    • Tough and durable construction
    • Equipped with a soft, rubber grip
    • Capable of stripping, looping, and cutting
    • Designed for large wires
    • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t always strip on the first try

10. Klein Strippers Tools 11054 –Best Manual Stripper for Larg Wires

Maybe you have a job in which you run into a lot of large wires. Maybe a typical 10-24 AWG wire stripper isn’t going to get the job done. If so, you might consider purchasing the Klein Tools 11054 Wire Stripper.

Capable of accommodating wire gauges between 8 and 16 AWG, it strips wires seamlessly, leaving no frays or tears, and also possesses a cutter which can shear 6-32 and 8-32 screws.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Self-Adjusting  Wire Stripper Review
    • Cuts, strips and loops 8-16 AWG Solid and 10-18 AWG Stranded wire
    • Precision ground stripping holes
    • Strong-gripping serrated nose for easy bending, shaping, and pulling of wire
    • Holes for looping and bending wire
    • Cleanly shears 6-32 and 8-32 screws
    • Coil spring provides fast self-opening action
    • Handy closure lock for convenient storage

If you’re looking to strip wires that are on the larger side, this Klein wire stripper is the one for you. Available for a mid-level price, they offer quite a bit of value without forcing you to break the bank.

    • Made out of tough, durable steel
    • Can strip, cut, and loop wire
    • Capable of stripping small gauges
    • Equipped with a tacky, rubber grip
    • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Can cause some fraying

11. ZOTO Self-Adjusting Wire Strippers –Best Selling as Multi Tool

Zoto Wire Stripper Tool comes with self adjust jaws that allows you to quickly and easily strip wire ranging from 10 AWG to 24 AWG. There is also a thumb wheel that lets you adjust to wire smaller than 24 AWG and get a firm grip.

The handles are a combination of comfort grip material and plastic, and they provide a non-slip surface. The crimper works on insulated and non-insulated ignition terminals. You’ll also get a wire cutter to streamline your jobs. It comes with a 12-month warranty and 24 hours a day customer service.

    • Self-adjusting jaws ideal for copper and aluminum cables from 10-24AWG (0.2-6MM2). Thumb wheel micro adjusting swivel knob to strip wire smaller than 24 AWG. ZOTO strippers will not damage the metal part of the electrical wire.
    • Built-in crimper crimps 22-10 AWG (0.5-6.0MM2) insulated terminals, 12-10 AWG (4-6.0MM2) / 16-14 AWG (1.5-2.5MM2) / 22-18AWG (0.5-1.0MM2) non-insulated terminals and 7-8 mm auto ignited terminals.
    • Plastic & cushion grip handle, provides maximum leverage (PP& TPR) and increased comfort and reduced hand fatigue making the grip Self Adjusting.

The Zoto Wire Stripping Tool is perfect for big or small jobs. the device is perfect for trimming wires and crimping need very little effort to use and save a tremendous amount of time when you stripping multiple wires.

Specially designed and precisely machined teeth grabs, holds, pulls and removes outer jacket in a simple one-handed motion; Also a wire crimping tool (crimper) which crimps insulated and non-insulated automotive ignition terminals and includes a wire cutter saving you time and money purchasing individual tools.

    • Can adjust it to grip wire smaller than 24 AWG
    • Wire crimper works on insulated and non-insulated terminals
    • Might not be able to crimp wire tightly
    • Can be difficult to adjust the gripping pressure

Buyer’s Guide :Wire Strippers Tool! How to find the Best

What is a wire stripper?

Wire strippers are aptly named in that they’re tools used to strip the insulation off of electrical wires. While there are other ways to remove insulation from wiring, a wire stripper is specifically designed to do so. These tools are a lot like pliers in that they’re squeezed together with your hand in order to grasp wires. However, they’re different in that they’re equipped with cutting terminals which are sized to accommodate specific wire gauges.

Possessing specific wiring gauges allows wire strippers to strip insulation from electrical wires as precisely and as accurately as possible. This prevents you from accidentally cutting into the wire, damaging it, and rendering it useless.

​Different Types Of Wire Strippers

Whether you are a professional or a homeowner, before you can buy any item and especially a wire stripper, you have to know about the different types of wire strippers available in the market and the functionalities they have that separate them from one another.

  • Scissor Wire Strippers
  • Gauged Wire Strippers
  • Automatic Wire Strippers
  • Gauged Automatic Wire Strippers

This is the cheapest wire stripper type which is basically a scissor with a notch cut out. There is generally a stop screw available to adjust the length of the wire. You can adjust the screw to define the insulation to cut and make sure that it does not cut the cord.

They work for most of the gauges, and the cutting edge has to be sharpened from time to time. But on the negative side, one has to be very careful because a simple slippage can damage the wire and cut it altogether. When it comes to adjusting to different gauges, it is really tiresome.

Buying An Ideal Wire Strippers

Not just buying another electrical tool, When it comes to purchasing an ideal wire stripper, a gauged automatic wire stripper is perfect. But in general case, the wire stripper must have a wider range of gauge size to cater to. It must be versatile for multipurpose uses. The grip has to be comfortable, and there are some with a patented unique design for safety and smooth operation. The weight of the wire stripper is a concern too as heavy ones are hard to operate for a longer duration. The material used must be of premium quality for higher durability.