Best Electrical Tools -2020 List & Buyer’s Guide

Best Electrician Tool List. Many readers asking us about what good tools we recommend for start up electrical job. For this we made a list of the best tools for electricians. You will find the same tools and equipements on our belt and electrical tool bag . You will not need all of this tools as apprentice but as you start your job and for growth it.

In this electrical  tools list, you will  not only find the best hand electrician tool kits but the top power tools ,belt and some good electrical tool bags all from  well-knowing brands choosing for their durbality, price comparison and their efficacy during the work.

Electrician Tools Guide

Not all journeyman and master electrical tools are essencial for an apprentice one, for this we make a liste of best tools for apprentice electrician and other list for advanced one. Just click on the tool name to jump to their picture ,find great description about it and where exactelly we buy it for the best price. 

A Journeyman, Master Electrician need all the electrical hand and power tools we listed it for apprentice but as a advanced electrician we add this list of some other tools a professional electricians must have.

Apprentice Electricians – Tools List & Guide

To be a successful apprentice electrician you must carfully choosing your great apprentice tools and equipement .For this we just add this list of the best electrical tools for an apprentice electricians. This is all the essenciel tools liste for union apprenticeships or a non-union apprenticeships electrician programmes.

Klein Tool Kit – Best Electrician Tool Set

Not only a kit, but we add this 3 electrician hand tool kits from one  of the best brands. Klein Electrical tool sets come with deferents  pieces (6 peice, 11, 14, 28 and 41 piece)  than you can buy the best electrical kit under your budjet even if you are apprentice, journeyman or a master electrician. Of curse if you bougth each tool alone you need  more money. All this tool kits from Klein but you can olso  find quality tools from Greenlee.

Take on a variety of applications with this Elictrician 6-Piece Apprentice Tool Set (92906) from Klein Tools. Its the perfect basic tool kit for most electrical projects. The pliers have double layered vinyl handles the offer comfort and are slip resistant.

Includes: High-Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers, High-Leverage Diagonal-Cutting Pliers with Angled Head, 8" Heavy-Duty Long-Nose Pliers, Wire Stripper/Cutter, 1/4" Cabinet-Tip Cushion-Grip Screwdriver, #2 Phillips Tip Cushion-Grip Screwdriver.

The Klein 14-Piece Tool Set (92914) is a great electrician tool kit for an apprentice. It  unclude all must have  tools for a Journeyman electrical job. This  tool set is our favorate one, in other term it's the best electrical set for the money 

Includes: four types of pliers, five  types of  screwdrivers, one tape measure, one wire stripper/cutter , one pair of protective eyewear, an 8-pocket leather tool pouch and an a one adjustable tool belt..

The Klein Tools 28-Piece Electrician Tool Set (80028) includes the most popular and useful electrical tools needed for many applications. This wide assortment of quality, durable tools for professional electrician and  home us.

Includes: 4 types of pliers, 8 types of screwdrivers, 7 nut drivers, 1 adjustable wrench, 1 power-return ruler, 1 torpedo level, one crimper/cutting tool, one wire stripper/cutter, utility knife, canvas zipper bag, 16" canvas tool bag and protective eyewear .

If  you are a master  electrician search for good electrical tool kit, klein still think about  you with it's " klein 41 piece journeyman tool set " .

The Klein Tools 41-Piece Sset Contains Journeyman side-cutting (1), diagonal-cutting ((1), long-nose (2), Pump pliers (1), Crimping/cutting tool (1) and cable cutter (1), 2 Klein-Kurve wire strippers/cutters, 1 Klein-Kurve utility knife, 2 adjustable wrenches, 2 keystone-tip screwdrivers, 5 cabinet-tip screwdrivers, 2 Phillips-tip screwdrivers, 1 wire-bending screwdriver, 2 square-recess tip screwdriver, 2 Rapi-Driv screwdriver, 1 conduit-fitting & reaming screwdriver, one 12-piece hex-key set, 7 nut drivers, 1 awl, 1 torpedo level, protective eyewear, 1 cable splicer's kit, 1 canvas zipper bag,

    The Klein Tools 41-Piece Journeyman Tool Set has practically any tool a Journeyman electrician would need. This wide assortment of quality, durable tools contains pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, wire strippers, and much more, all for professional and home use. The set includes a large canvas bag to store all of these tools. This  is the best affordable electrical tools kit for a master electrician.

    Choosing a good electrical tool belt it's not easy cause to many brands in the market. In our reviews we found that the Custom Leathercraft Electrician’s Tool Belt is the best one for any electrician especially for a new or apprentice one cause to their affordable price .

    The eathercraft electrician tool belt has a roller style buckle with 2 clips. It is padded around the waist which makes this very comfortable to wear. The suspenders are great way to remove some of the weight off your back and onto your shoulders. This is probably the most comfortable and affordable electrical tool belt on the market. 

    Electrical Hand Tools

    For every electrician, getting a better work resultant is the most important. For this we must choose good electrical hand tools - we just add a list of the best hand tools we us it in our garage.

    Linesman Pliers – Klein Is The Best

    Lineman's pliers  or linesman pliers in canada is the most versatile hand tool used by electricians. It is a must for twisting wires together for tight connections. They can also be use to tighten Red B-Caps and pull fish tape. They also work as a hammer in a jam. Good linesman's pliers come from Kein and Milwaukee. here we just add our best three.

    Not only linesman pliers but for every electrician cutting and needle-nose pliers are must have. 

    Klein Diagonal Side Cutting Pliers. This pliers type   primarily used to cut wires to specific lengths .

    Klein Needle Nose Pliers. used for multiple tasks. They are great for reaching dropped screws or to hold a screw for drilling.


    Klein Strippers. These are the most comfortable strippers I have ever used. They form to your hand well and the spring is not too tight allowing for easy usage. These also have the 10-32 and 6-32 hole slots so you can cut them down and not damage the thread. I also use the hole above the side cutters to make loops my wires for terminations on receptacles and switches.

    Channel Locks

    Channel Locks 2-1/4 inch capacity. We use it to tighten fittings when installing EMT conduit and Rigid conduit. Can also be used to tighten lock nuts on various connectors. Mainly used for 2 inch conduit and smaller.

    Channel Locks 5-1/2 inch capacity. These come in handy when working with larger pipe 2 inch and greater.


    Every electrician must have the Klein 11-in-1 Screwdriver. This tool has so many features rolled into one. It has both screwdrivers and nut drivers built in. This is super convenient because it reduces the amount of tools you need to carry on your tool belt. I have one piece of important advice when using this tool. NEVER use this in a live electrical panel. Some times the detachable pieces become loose and fall. This could cause a short or arch between the live buss and the panel enclosure. If you must work in a live panel, always use fully insulated screw drivers.

    For electrical screwdriver set we found 4 sets type every journeyman electrician must have 

    Klein Insulated Screw Driver Set. I use these mainly when working in live panels or junction boxes. I never keep them on my tool belt because the insulation could become damaged.

    Klein Screwdriver Screw Holder Set. I keep these handy when I am trying to install screws in hard to reach places.

    Klein Magnetic Nut Driver Set. I keep these in my bag for special applications. I use these when I need to install breakers in an electrical panel. The magnetic tip is helpful because it allows me to not worry if I am going to drop a screw.

    Screwdriver Set. We choose klein set because it comes with everything you need. Has your flat head screwdrivers, phillips #2, and a trim screwdriver.

    Olso i have in my electrical belt the Klein Stubby 6 in 1 Screw Driver. I use this when I have limited space to tighten or loosen screws.

    Knives & Pocket Knife

    SOG Kilowatt Folding Knife. This is a great addition to an electrician tool set.  this knife comes with 3 separate wire stripping accessories. It truly is 3 tools in one. Its heavy duty and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

    Most electricians don’t typically carry pocket knives for their day to day work. Its most handy during the trim out phase of a project. During the trim out phase, electricians don’t tend to carry all of their tools but only handle specific ones for trimming out plugs and switches. The best one is Klein 1550-6 Poket Knife which is it comes with a spear-point blade, a screwdriver blade and a sheep foot blade that collaborate to ease various operations in your line of work.

    Pipe Reamer

    Klein Pipe Reamer. for every electrician work with EMT conduit then the pipe reamer tool is a must. When you cut conduit with a saw it leaves sharp pieces on the pipe. The reamer removes all the sharp pieces and leaves the ends smoothed. It also has a handy flat head screw driver at the end so you do not have to change tools when tightening fittings.

    Electrician Level

    Klein Electrician Level. I use this particular level because it utilizes the rare earth magnets. This thing will stick to anything! It is so useful when installing EMT conduit and installing electrical cabinets. You never have to worry about it dropping and breaking.

    Voltage Detector

    I use "Fluke Voltage Detector " to quickly determine if a circuit is on or off. I normally use my hand held Klein tester but this one is nice because I can carry it easily on my tool belt.

    Tape Measure

    Klien Rare Earth Magnet Tape Measure. This is by far my favorite tape measure out there. The rare earth magnets are so handy when trying to measure a distance.

    Roto Split

    Greenlee Roto Split. This tool is a must if you work MC cable. You will find MC cable in commercial or industrial settings most likely. This makes the job of cutting the flex so easy. Before I was introduced to this tool, I used my side cutters to strip the flex off and I found that the roto split is much faster and cleaner. Another benefit is it never cuts or damages the wire. I sometimes did that with my side cutters.

    Rock Saw

    Sheet Rock Saw. I like this Stanley saw. Its the Fatmax line of the Stanley tools. Plan on using this to cut in new remodel metal or plastic boxes into finished walls. Also this is used to cut in recessed can lighting in a finished ceiling or ceiling tile.

    Professional Kneepads

    Dewalt Professional Knee pads – These are great knee saver when having to trim out receptacles. During the trim out phase of a project most plugs are mounted at 18-24 inches off the ground. If you are on a large project like an apartment complex or a large commercial structure you can expect to be crouched for a extended period of time. Also these are great when working in attics on rafters.

    Those are not the only electrical tools we need during our electrician work.Their is some other tools must we add it to our bag. olso their is other greet tool we will listed it here especially for Journeyman or masters electricians.

    Electrician Tools In My Tool Bag

    What tools should i have in my tool bag? Many new electricians asking me this question. Here is a list of some tools every electrician must have it in their bag.

    Step Drill Bits

    I have used many Step Drill Bits and by far Greenlee Step Bit is the BEST one on the market. Its double sided and cuts super fast. This is the most convenient and quickest way to create holes in junction boxes and panels. 

    Electrical Network & Cable Testers

    Klein Clamp Meter. This comes with testing leads. It also has a nice magnet on the back that allows you to place it on a metal cabinet. I like this one better than then fluke T5-600 only because this one allows for larger wire amp readings. Also it has a better price.

    Klein Circuit Breaker Finder. This is a great tool to locate a specific circuit in a panel you need to turn off. Before I had this I would tell my helper just turn each one on and off until I found the right one. The only problem is you can not do that in a commercial setting where there are lots of computers. This tool eliminates the guess work!

    Fluke Tone Generator. I use this when I am troubleshooting a circuit. Places a tone on the wire which allows you to detect it on the other end.

    Fluke 323 True-RMS is a great alternative to the Klein clamp meter. This does come with leads and a holding case. The clamp reads up to 400 amps.

    Electrician Apprentice Power Tools

    During My Electrical work their is olso some tools and equipementnets kits we need it.

    Electrical Power Tools - Combo Kit

    Makita Combo Kit. Hands down the best out there. I have used Dewalt and Milwaukee and Mikita beats them every time. The main factor is the power to weight ratio. The Drill/Driver/Hammer Drill is amazingly lite which is much appreciated after a long day of drilling. This uses the lithium ion batteries and the max charge time is less 30 min. My only complaint is that I have had to replace my charger.

    Drill Bits Kit

    Dewalt Drill Bits. This goes without saying but DEWALT MAKES THE BEST BITS ON THE MARKET! Do not buy anything else or you will be flushing your money down the drain!!!!

    Knockout Set

    Greenlee Knock Out Set. This set goes from 1/2 inch to 2 inch. I typically use my step bit to first drill the hole large enough to insert the knock out set screw. Then I use the ratchet to finish the hole.

    Hydraulic Knockout Set

    Temco Hydraulic Knockout Set. Here is the hydraulic version of the manual KO set. This one is great to use when making larger holes in electrical cabinets. The hydraulic punch allows for super fast operation. Best part about this set is that its a fraction of the cost of the greenlee hydraulic set and it comes with a 5 year warranty!

    Hole Saw Kit

    Greenlee Hole Saw Kit. I use this mostly for PVC boxes. The knock out kit does not work with PVC. Also if the metal in panel or box is really thick, this seems to work better than the knock out kit.

    Electrician Safety & Helpful tools

    Electrical Lockout Toolbox Kit

    Brady Lock Out Tag Out Kit. This is vital for safety. I have this kit and it comes with breaker locks and locks for panels. When working in an environment that people have access to panels this is a must for your safety!

    Safety Goggles

    Safety Goggles – These are a important part of being safe on the job. I like these full shielded safety goggles because the protect from dust. Most of the time you are going to use these when you are cutting conduit or hammer drilling and setting concrete anchors.

    Cut Resistant Gloves

    Cut Resistant Gloves – These gloves help protect you by removing the hazard of cuts. They are great to use when cutting conduit with a saw-zaw or when using a band saw. Also there great to use when pulling wire. Some times during a pull your hand gets nicked or cut by the sharp edges of junctions boxes.

    Touch Headlamp

    LED Head Lamp – I personally like my hands free when I am working. There are going to be times in service when you are working in a dark attic or maybe a craw space. Head lamps are a great way to keep your hands free and they proved the light in the exact place you are happening to be looking.

    Journeyman / Master Electricians – Advanced Tools List & Guide

    These advanced electrical tools are not required for an apprentice, but the are a must tools for Journeyman / Master electricians.

    Socket  and Wrench Set

    Neiko 10288A – This is a 32 piece SAE and Metric Allen wrench set. This is mainly used in gear with mechanical lugs.

    Stanley 92-824– This is the black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket set. Its one one my favorites because its a ton of value for the price. It also have everything you need to build a variety of trapezes for electrical equipment. Also comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Neiko 01137B – Here is the impact ready version on the Allen wrench set above.

    Ratcheting Wrench Set

    Stanley 94-543w – This is a 7 piece ratcheting wrench set. It comes in metric or SEA. Has a limited lifetime warranty.

    Wire Cutters

    Ratchet Cable Cutter – There are a couple of ways to cut through large copper cables, but nothing is more fast and effective as using a pair of ratcheting cable cutters. I have found an inexpensive off brand with great reviews and a great price! You could go with some Greenlee or Klein cutters but these ones are comparable.

    Fish Tape

    Fiber Glass Fish Tape – This type of fish tape is non conductive and is used when additional wiring needs to be installed in conduit that has live conductors. Steel style fish tape is not recommended when fishing new wires with live wires because of the possibility of the fish tape to nick the live conductors resulting in a fault on the fish tape. Another safety feature of the fiberglass fish tape is that if it enters into a live cabinet there is no risk of coming in contact with live equipment.

    Laser Levels

    Two Point Laser – The easiest way to install light fixture on a ceiling is to mark the layout on the ground with a pencil. Make sure you use some type of marking that can be removed just in case they decide to go with stain concrete floors. Once the light fixture markings are on the floor use this type of self leveling laser to shoot up a mark on the ceiling.

    Conduit Scoring Tool

    Conduit Scoring Tool – When you become a service electrician, you will thank me for this one! Use this tool to remove a conduit that still has conductors inside. This allows you to cut and remove a conduit with out damaging the wires on the inside.

    Fish Sticks

    Fiber Glass Fish Sticks – These guys are great for pulling cable and MC along the top of ceiling grids. Thy are also great for fishing down walls stuffed full of insulation. They are sturdy enough to pierce through insulation.

    Power Tools for Electricians

    Every electrician has their own lovely tool brand when they choose their best electrical power tools . Most of the main stream power tools brands are great choices. I buy mine from Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Hilti, and Bosch.

    Cordless Hammer Drill

    Their is no other Cordless Hammer Drill can compatre Makita XPH012 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Hammer Driver– These are great for installing concrete anchors. The hammer function is a must for an electrician. You will use small anchors to mount light fixtures, gear, supports and other miscellaneous equipment.

    Reciprocating Saw

    Cordless Reciprocating Saw – Pretty much exclusively used to cut conduit and strut.